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  1. shorescripts

    Our Short Film Fund 2 Is Now Open.

    We are thrilled to launch another season of our Short Film Fund. Our Short Film Fund offers an opportunity for emerging screenwriters and filmmakers to have their short films financed and produced. The Fund welcomes submissions from screenwriters and filmmakers from around the world. The...


    One of our guest curators for our 2019 edition was Paul Stekler, award-winning documentary filmmaker and head of the Doc school at the University of Texas film school. Prof. Stekler’s films have won two Peabody Awards, three du Pont-Columbia University Journalism Awards, three Emmy Awards and...
  3. shorescripts

    2019 Order of Winners Announced

    Our Judges have spoken! We are proud to announce our 2019 FEATURE & TV-PILOT ORDER OF WINNERS. VIEW THE LIST https://www.shorescripts.com/2019-screenplay-contest-results/ We’d like to say a Big Thank You to our Winners, Finalists, and all those who entered. Watch this space for our upcoming...
  4. shorescripts

    2019’s Feature and TV-Pilot Winners Announced

    WE ARE PROUD TO ANNOUNCE OUR 2019 FEATURE & TV-PILOT WINNERS. VIEW THE LIST: https://www.shorescripts.com/2019-screenplay-contest-results/ The winning scripts are now on their way to our Oscar, Bafta, Golden-Globe, and Emmy-winning roster of Judges who will determine the order of our winners...
  5. shorescripts

    Screenwriters - Last Chance to Enter!

    Shore Scripts 2019 FEATURE & TV PILOT SCREENWRITING CONTESTS close for submissions on the 31st of August at Midnight (Pacific Time.) Our 34 OSCAR, GOLDEN GLOBE, EMMY, and BAFTA winning Judges will read the winning Feature & TV Scripts. This year we have categories for both 1-Hour & ½-Hour TV...
  6. shorescripts

    2019 Short Film Fund Winners & Top 5 Finalists!

    We are honored to ANNOUNCE 2019's SHORT FILM FUND WINNERS & our TOP 5 Finalists. https://www.shorescripts.com/2019_shortfilmfundwinner/ A YOUNG MAN's GAME, written by James Gould-Bourn and to be directed by Emmy Winner Ben Tricklebank, has been awarded $10,000. MISS FORTUNATE, written by...
  7. M

    Pitch your Short to Filmaka and if you win, BASF will give you $15,000 to direct a short film.

    15 Minute Pit Stops In 2025, it will only take 15 minutes to recharge your car. In these circumstances, what would you do with those 15 minutes to recharge yourself while you recharge your car? Send in your pitches for a 3 to 5 minute original short film that tells the story about a future...
  8. Art With Impact


    Submit a film (5 mins or less) to Art With Impact's ongoing, monthly short film competition for a chance to win $1,000. Upcoming deadlines: Sept 30, Oct 31, Nov 30. Films must be: - under 5 mins - on the topic of mental health - produced in the last two years. Learn more and submit here...
  9. shorescripts

    New: Shore Scripts Directors Roster!

    Alongside our award-winning JUDGES, and affiliated Production Companies, Managers and Agents, Shore Scripts has now been joined by 29 amazing DIRECTORS from the worlds of film and television who will be reading the best screenplays entered in to 2018's contest, with a view to future projects...
  10. shorescripts

    Shore Scripts Screenwriting Contest Regular Deadline 31st July

    * 37 Oscar, Golden Globe, Emmy & Bafta Winning Judges * 98 Prod Comps & Agents and 25 amazing Directors to read the winning screenplays. * Oscar winning Alumni. We’ve helped 50+ Writers gain representation, sell, and have their screenplays produced. * Over the course of 2018, we are giving...
  11. shorescripts

    2018 Short Film Fund WINNER Announced

    HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to NORA KIRKPATRICK & DENNIS MCNICHOLAS. Winners of our 2018 Short Film Fund with their hilarious comedy short BEST SELLER. Nora and Dennis have been awarded a $10,000 Grant to make their winning script. BEST SELLER follows three morality-free TV anchors as they attempt to...
  12. shorescripts

    2018 Short Film Fund FINAL Deadline 2nd MAY

    Don't miss this opportunity to become a produced screenwriter, submissions close this Tuesday 2nd May. ENTER YOUR SCRIPT HERE: https://www.shorescripts.com/shortfilmfund/ Shore Scripts will commission at least one short film from this year's winning scripts and, in addition to the funds, will...
  13. shorescripts


    Don't miss this opportunity to enter your script into our Short Film Fund Competition. The Shore Scripts Short Film Fund offers writers the opportunity to become a produced screenwriter. Shore will be commissioning at least one short film script to make short films with a budget up to $15,000...
  14. shorescripts

    Our 2018 Screenwriting Contests are Open!

    Over $35K in Cash & Prizes, including meetings with managers & agents. Feature, TV-Pilot, and Short Screenplay Categories + discount bundles on combined entries to our Short Film Fund and Coverage Reports. http://www.shorescripts.com We have helped 40+ writers gain representation, option, sell...
  15. DanielBennifer

    Call for entries: Future Femme Film Fest

    Hey, We wanted to let y’all know about our forthcoming film festival. We are a: film festival/streaming channel/music and multidisciplinary season of events. A little bit about us: The Future Femme Manifesto A future femme is someone who doesn’t ask for permission. A future femme knows her...
  16. shorescripts

    Shore Scripts Announce 2017 Screenwriting Contest Winners!

    We are extremely proud to announce 2017's WINNERS. These winning scripts are now being sent to our Judges. Their feedback will determine the order of our winners, which will be announced on the 30th November. http://www.shorescripts.com/2017screenplaycontestwinners/ Each year we expand on our...
  17. C

    Call for entries: A short film in the horror genre

    The Invitation is Filmaka’s first contest of the new season! Through the decades, horror films have thrilled audiences across the globe. Since this genre has gained immense popularity and fan following, we have come up with a competition with the theme The Invitation. Our team is looking for...
  18. shorescripts

    31st AUG FINAL Deadline for Shore Scripts 2017 Screenwriting Contest.

    $35k in Cash & Prizes, including meetups in Hollywood with producers and agents, screenwriting consultancy and software. Shore Scripts Screenwriting Competition offers you the opportunity to have your screenplay read by 80+ production companies, and an illustrious panel of Oscar winning...
  19. colfilmfest

    60 Hour Film Challenge 2017 (FREE Entry)

    The annual '60 Hour Film Challenge' begins from 1st – 4th of September 2017. Filmmakers from across the world are challenged to write, shoot and edit a film no longer than 5 minutes in length in just 60 hours. The challenge is free to enter and teams can register online...
  20. The Experiences, Both Good and Bad, of a Learning Video-Maker

    The Experiences, Both Good and Bad, of a Learning Video-Maker

    This Studentfilms.com site features experiences of young Youtube/Vimeo videographer, director, and editor John Tuttle.

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