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  1. C

    Cinema City International Film Festival Call for entries - Up to 10,000 Bucks

    Call for low budget films Cinema City International Film Festival invites filmmakers from all across the globe to apply for the Up to 10,000 Bucks selection. This selection is one of the most appealing festival programs which presents films made with no budget or with a budget of less than USD...
  2. alanpower

    Check out these short student films

    Hey there everyone. I made these films and just like to know what you think or if you just want to watch them, watch them! I don't mind. Check them all out and enjoy yourself! Here's a link to my Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/AlanMartinPower
  3. alanpower

    Screenplays needed to be given away

    Hello everyone, I have posted on numerous sites before trying to give away short scripts of mine for free, money, I don't care. I just really want them made by anyone who wants to make a film and needs any type of screenplay. I was told plenty of times that my question of asking whether anyone...
  4. HarryLlewellyn

    Looking to score a 10 minute + short film

    Hey there, We are Legato Music, a highly skilled pair of producers/composers who are looking for a 10 minute+ short film to score. No fee is required If interested please connect harry@legatomusic.co.uk Thankyou
  5. D

    Dimitris Giotis-Student filmmaker

    Hello, i am a 1st year filmmaker student at Manchester Metropolitan University. This is my site,where you can find My films,photos etc and why not to send me a message! http://demetriusyotis.wix.com/mindcore
  6. Sridhar Reddy

    Do films need to have a purpose?

    Do films need to have a purpose or it just have to tell an incident/story? Or both or can be any? How is it?
  7. tillybo

    I am looking to get involved in a student film contact me

    Hello everyone This year I graduate its all very exciting..... I will be graduating as a professional actress,dancer and singer and want to get some more experience behind the camera before I apply for tv work. I am really keen in being involved in some student films. I am based in...
  8. K

    View over 500 short films for free on TheAudienceAwards.com

    The Audience Awards is a social media site for independent filmmakers to compete and share their short films with an international audience. So if you love watching independent short films then come check us out at http://theaudienceawards.com/ Find us on Facebook-...
  9. Daniel Ofner

    Composer looking for projects to work on

    Hello everyone! If you search a composer for your film\game\etc., I'm the guy for you! My name is Daniel, I'm a composer from Israel. I try to be as original as I can, and I'm always combining new sounds and effects into my pieces. Please take a look on my SoundCloud page and see if you like my...
  10. Shaye Wyllie

    In need of music for your student film?

    Although I am not a composer, I am looking to become a music supervisor and would like to gain more experience in the field by helping students find music for their films. I can help you: - Find someone to compose an original score for your film - Find songs that would go perfectly with your...
  11. C

    Call for Entries - Up to 10,000 bucks programme at Cinema City Festival

    The Cinema City festival, which will be held from June 21-28 in Novi Sad, has officially opened its call for entries for “Up to 10,000 bucks” selection. Every year this authentic programme screens the films shot with a budget of less than $ 10,000, thus promoting the creation of low-budget...
  12. Nikos Togaridis

    composer is looking for job

    Hello my name is Nikos,i am a sound engineer/composer looking for any projects.You can check out some of my music here: Nikos Togaridis I will give away the music (any of the 3 tracks) for free if i like the film.For new projects there will be a fee (we can talk about it depending your budget...
  13. J

    Submit Children's Films for festivals!

    Calling all the Filmmakers to showcase their work in middle-east. Submit your films at Children's International Film Festival Dubai. For details http://ciff.ae/filmmakers/
  14. Taos Shortz

    Taos Shortz Film Fest..Call for Entries Open!

    Call for Entries OPEN for the 2014 Taos Shortz Film Fest Come join the hottest shorts film fest in the country. Taos Shortz is dedicated to featuring quality juried short films from around the globe and provide filmmakers with a venue to showcase their work, participate in workshops, panels...
  15. Ramiro Longo

    Top 30 Short Film Festivals in the World

    No need to be an expert in the field to know that there is a great variety of Short Film Festivals. The importance to submit your work to the right event is significant, as well as the benefits and even awards that can be gained by doing so. Submitting to a fest could be one of the best ways for...

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