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  1. QUEST FOR THE BUDGET (Comedy Sketch)

    QUEST FOR THE BUDGET (Comedy Sketch)

    Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwaH... Do you want exciting video content & learn about film production? www.stargazerdigitalmedia.com Instagram @stargazerdigitalmedia Facebook @stargazerdigitalmedia Twitter @stargazer_media
  2. Ghost Car

    Ghost Car

  3. Geoffrey Evans

    Bit of fun - Whats your favourite film and why?

    mine is Gladiator. despite all of the mistakes. soundtrack is great too. hanz zimmer did a great job!
  4. Michaelm217

    #Abby - Emotional Short Film

    Hey guys, This is my first short film I've made outside of college, I put it together for a local festival in just under 8 weeks without a budget. Would love some feedback from fellow film makers to help me improve on future projects and always keep moving forward! Appreciate your time, Michael.
  5. MarkDFilms

    Funny VFX Short - The Grit Filter

    Hey everybody! Typically my team and I create action/comedy based vfx shorts, but this time around we created a project that is more straight forward comedy. We're in the middle of building our audience, so if you like what you see, please consider subscribing, my team and I have a lot more...