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  1. C

    Carmine Short Film

    Hi, I’m a film student from the United Kingdom who is creating a short film (CARMINE) which is about the traditional Holi Festival. If you could please take some time to look at my indiegogo campaign for more information, and even possibly contribute for amazing rewards, click this link...
  2. JoannaFilmComposer

    Student composer looking for Short Film

    Hello, my name is Joanna and I am studying Music for the Moving Image at Leeds Beckett University in Leeds, England. I am looking for a short film to compose music to. As it will be for a school project I'll work for free. I'm new to the field I don't have any examples of my work but I know a...
  3. HarryLlewellyn

    Looking to score a 10 minute + short film

    Hey there, We are Legato Music, a highly skilled pair of producers/composers who are looking for a 10 minute+ short film to score. No fee is required If interested please connect harry@legatomusic.co.uk Thankyou
  4. Raven Dock


    Hi, everyone! I'm going to ask a very silly question, but it's been bothering me and making me slightly paranoid. I'm currently in the process of casting a short film I have written, my very first short film. I have a very small budget and I am not paying the actors. The casting call poster...
  5. Sandra Ada

    Hello! I would like to introduce myself & can someone help me?

    Hi there, my name is Sandra. I was put onto this site and looking around I think it is quite awesome so far! I am an music composer and am looking for a bit of exposure as well as to help promote some fantastic indie films! I cant wait to meet some people and look at all the artistic madness...
  6. A

    Hello From India!

    Hey guys, I'm Adil from New Delhi, India, 18 year old. I love everything about film making. I found my voice, eyes, ears, entire self through it. I shoot, direct, write, act, edit, everything. My films are about my culture, not directly, but subtly - through mannerisms, beliefs and reactions...
  7. T

    Our films Indiegogo

    My friends and I are working on our non-profit student film. We have little to no equipment and need some help making our dreams a reality! The film is called Social Destruction and is focused on destroying the very real social hierarchy in high school! All the actors and crew are students and...
  8. E

    Help A Student Out

    https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/S2363KL Hi my name is Emma, i am a film student from Herts and i am currently working on a short film module and need to do a load ofresearch before i can crack on with filming, including this survey(link above). It would help my grade massively if i could get...
  9. S

    Need someone to make a movie for me!!!

    im looking to make something of this nature if you can help please email me directly suresh@sowandreap.co.uk
  10. C

    An Engagement on the 'big screen'

    Dear film students, film fans, amateur film makers, and one and all, Allow me to be truthful in this first sentence, I am not, nor ever have been or ever will study the art(s) of film making and film production. I come to you and this forum as a twenty six year old garage forecourt assistant...
  11. J

    Seeking after effects artist(s) for 3D film

    Hello everyone, I am currently co-directing a short animated film and we are seeking an after effects artist(s) to assist us with our film "Penance". The film is about 15 minutes long and we are wrapping things up in terms of production. We aren't a professional studio, just a handful of...
  12. T

    Please watch my film tell me what you think.

    i'm 17 it's my second attempt at a short please be honest and advice or criticism you have would be great, have to watch on a computer thanks tom
  13. Mizbrown

    Need a camera crew for a new reality show

    Hi, I'm currently working on a new reality show and need help with filming. The show is brand new, there is no other reality show like. So it's a niche! I already started promoting it and tv networks are interested. That is why I need help! I can't pay you at this time but we will share...
  14. kiracakes

    I have an idea for a short film but have no idea where to start!

    I have an idea of a story I would to see composed into a short film. I was wondering if anyone could give any advice on where to start. I know I need to find someone to film and locations and actors and things, but would have no idea where to go for that. I study media so I know I could meet...
  15. J-ASIA

    Mixed race artist looking for people to shoot music video EDM

    Hi, I'm a mixed race artist located in NJ looking for people to help shoot my music video for my EP. I can't offer money as I am just starting out but I do know that being involved with this project will most likely help build your portfolio. The song is 100 times better than what is on my...
  16. N

    Working On A New FILM (Can You Help?) Kickstarter Project

    A conniving young woman - part private investigator, part call girl - is hired by a businesswoman to sabotage the marriage of her CEO. WHO IS RACHEL HUNTER? Rachel Hunter has a unique job: she exposes men's affairs, follows suspected adulterers, and in her own words, “provides leverage to...
  17. Soawkward

    Short Suspense/Thriller script request!

    Hello Guys. I'm a Film Studies student and i would like to know,if anyone of you could suggest me/write me a short 3min' script for me to film in my semester project! I don't want anything complex,instead something short/smart that can be done in a house,without using too much equipment. Credits...
  18. Tess Pfeifle

    Just Getting Started. Advice needed/wanted/desperately searching for

    Hi! My name's Tess. I like horror movies, especially those produced by Glass Eye Pix. Just graduated from my freshmen year of college! I double major in English Lit and Media Studies with a focus in production. I recently got a camera (and an internship with R.A.D Productions!) and am dying...

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