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  1. S

    DayZ: The Movie (Behind The Scenes)

    Hey Guys, Recently Me And Some Friends Made A DayZ Live Action Movie, And Here Is The Behind The Scenes!!!!!!! Follow The Cast Behind Scenes And See Exclusive Footage From Fails To Un-Used Clips From The Film Itself! And Be Sure To Subscribe For Future Updates And Videos. Thanks Alot! And If You...
  2. Petter Strom

    Cheap music for your next project!!

    I am a music producer who recently decided to put my music out on the web and hopefully be able to help out some talented people out there. I now have some tracks available on my AudioJungle profile and there is a lot more to come in the next few weeks. Please feel free to check out my...
  3. B

    The urn short a horror movie

    Hey everyone! I want you to know that Rectangular pictures is busy working on a short horror movie called: "The urn" if you want to watch the movie go to http://facebook.com/RectangularPictures and give them a like! The urn is coming out soon....
  4. Mark Helder

    Film & Video Game Composer / Sound Engineer (for FREE)

    Greetings! My name is Mark Koltunov and I'm a professional sound engineer, currently finishing my BA Degree in the city of Barcelona. Apart from my technical specialty I'm also a soundtrack composer and a passionate gamer. I offer you my knowledge and expertise in the said fields, in order to...
  5. Kinsey

    CALL FOR ENTRIES: Southern California Business Film Festival

    CALL FOR ENTRIES The Southern California Business Film Festival is Back! USC’s 7th annual Southern California Business Film Festival student film competition is now accepting submissions. This festival held in February 2014 features a full weekend of screenings, panels, and speakers focusing on...
  6. Filipe Pilar

    Freelance Music Composer

    Hello. I am a portuguese music composer that loves all kind of music. Check my works at: http://www.reverbnation.com/filipepilar Thanks Filipe
  7. Cody Behnke

    Looking for Projects to Compose Music for

    Greetings, everyone! My name is Cody Behnke, and I am new to these forums. I'm looking for any creative team in need of some music for their film projects. I own plenty of industry standard sample libraries to achieve any sound/score you could imagine. To hear some samples of my work, check...
  8. Marco Luca

    The Strange Death of Harry Stanley

    Starting with on-screen text that states “This film is a pack of lies”, Director Jeremiah Quinn brings into relief that it is anything but. By drawing a line between cinema and reality, he assures the viewer that despite the use of actors and other devices used in this portrayal, “I will tell...
  9. S

    The Inheritance (Short Film) Suspense Thriller

    This film was shot very well using a red epic and uploaded on youtube in 4k
  10. A

    Anyone watch A Song of Ice and Fire?

    Hey, anyone of you watch A Song of Ice and Fire? I just started watching it few days before, and totally crazy about it! I love it!! What's your opinion about the magic people used in the TV series?
  11. smartini

    Just a school project, watch it!

    just started a little campaign against plagiarism
  12. Daniel Cumming

    Just Getting Started Need Some Insight

    Hi, My name is Daniel and I live in Houston and I am currently enrolled in Lamar Hight School. I started making short little movies once I discovered I could make them on my mac. I had had no video editing experience or not even a class on movies or film editing. So I made stop motion films...

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