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  1. TomasVWatts

    New User, HI! My name is Tomas Vanin and I just found this forum

    Hi my name is Tomas Vanin and I just came across this forum today. This place seems amazing, its so cool to see several thousands of people post their films and be active and share whatever they want with people. I've been looking for a place like this and I hope to make this an everyday...


  3. J

    Hello! Composer looking for projects

    Hi there, my name's James. I'm a music student in Ireland looking to get experience in composition. I currently compose short excerpts of electronic soundscape style music. I also have a love for string composition and want to develop this in a media context. Looking for film makers starting...
  4. Dan Hallam

    Hello there!

    My name is Daniel Hallam and I'm currently studying at the University of the West of England, Bristol. I'm now in my third and final year on the BA (Hons) Animation degree course. I'm looking to view and share short films, in particular animations. Take a look at my latest graduation film Thanks!
  5. Joni Pickett

    Hey, I am a student of life saying hi! :D

    Hey my name is Joni Pickett, I help out with the marketing at DanenbergProductions. we're a small group of family and friends who are chasing the dream of becoming film makers. :D We Love giving people good clean entertainment with a mix of Action and Comedy and at times a dash of drama. We...
  6. P

    Thanks for having me

    Hi all. I'm Nate, a production assistant on two short films and a web series.
  7. A

    Hello From India!

    Hey guys, I'm Adil from New Delhi, India, 18 year old. I love everything about film making. I found my voice, eyes, ears, entire self through it. I shoot, direct, write, act, edit, everything. My films are about my culture, not directly, but subtly - through mannerisms, beliefs and reactions...
  8. N.A.Praveen

    Quick Intro

    Hey there friends, my name is N.A.Praveen. I am a short filmmaker. I made 4 short films so far but I have not released any in any website because honestly, they sucked. I joined this website only so I can make some friends who could give me some valuable advice about some ways to improve my...
  9. Jon Wilson

    New Director/Actor here!

    Hello! I'm Jon Wilson, I am an aspiring Director/Actor. There's not much else to say besides I'm exited to be here.
  10. Daniel Llamas

    Hey.... well I love Filmmaking so......

    So my name is Daniel! I'm from WA state but currently living in Cali where I'm currently studying Media & Communication at Christian Life College. I love directing and writing (occasionally I'll act) and hoping to spread my wings and share good quality films while continuing to learn about this...
  11. A

    New Drama (Short) available

    New short available... Furtive Response - (approx 8 minutes) A couple seperated by loss live a distant existence until a unifying secret is accidentally revealed. Cast Male adult 30-40 Female adult 30-40 Sets Simple house Basement Misc The main location is the interior of the living room...
  12. Ricky Layman

    Howdly Doodly

    What's up? My name is Ricky. My passion is film. Looking forward to checking this site out and sharing thoughts and ideas and collaborations.
  13. Ricky Layman


    Filmed this with my best friend David. As I was editing it; I couldn't help but to feel like David was gone. So it kind of got that feeling to it. But... here it is.
  14. Tess Pfeifle

    Just Getting Started. Advice needed/wanted/desperately searching for

    Hi! My name's Tess. I like horror movies, especially those produced by Glass Eye Pix. Just graduated from my freshmen year of college! I double major in English Lit and Media Studies with a focus in production. I recently got a camera (and an internship with R.A.D Productions!) and am dying...

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