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  1. MALUM


  2. The Tracks

    The Tracks

    This was my first short film. I was inspired to write it while taking my Psychology class in High School. It took 8 Days to shoot and 6 months to edit.
  3. In/Side


    CAST/CREW Daryl - Tom Sullivan Lisa - Zara Swayah Paul - David Metcalfe Barman - Vincent Stable Woman in Pink - Sophia Talbot Drinker - Anthony Hamer Pub Patron - Gemma Kershaw Barman 2 - Arthur Harlow Tv/Radio Voice -Anton Arenko Directed and Written by Anton Arenko DOP/Editor Andre Arenko &...
  4. The Shadow - Thriller Short Film with English Subtitles

    The Shadow - Thriller Short Film with English Subtitles

    Produced by: Chillax Media Directed by: Nihal Firoze Cast: Tariq Bapputty as Adam Mohammed Najfi as Don Nihal Firoze as Adam's Friend Ashraf Ali as Gangster Sajeer Moosa as Gangster
  5. Miguel Delgadillo

    Wanted Composer for Psychological Drama

    Hi everyone, My name is Miguel Delgadillo, writer and director of 'The Serpent,' a psychological drama about a recovering drug addict as he struggles to remain sober while facing past demons through his art. Link: vimeo.com/151215453 The password to the attached 4 minute excerpt is: $3rp3nt I'm...
  6. A

    Morning Glory (Kenyan Short Film

    A couple's confrontation leads to unexpected results....
  7. G

    Inanimate - Bournemouth Film School Graduation Short Film

    Hi all, I would love it if you could take a look at our graduation film from The Arts University at Bournemouth. Inanimate is a 12 minute fantasy/psychological short film shot in the UK in 2012. Here is a quick synopsis: Franklin, a lonely old puppeteer, isolated in his workshop, starts to...

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