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  1. Still Life

    Still Life

  2. The Tracks

    The Tracks

    This was my first short film. I was inspired to write it while taking my Psychology class in High School. It took 8 Days to shoot and 6 months to edit.
  3. What If

    What If

    A couple can reach a point when their relationship becomes.. Stagnant; when both mutually understand that they're coming to an end... Written, Directed, Cinematography, and Edited by Eugene Chan Featuring: Adrian Dryden Jessica Chan Music: ECHOES IN EMPTY from Colossal Trailer Music’s album...
  4. This Is Where

    This Is Where

    When we look back at a past relationship... Why should we only look at the memories that left us scars? Three locations represent the different stages of a relationship and show what we feel during those particular moments. Written and Directed by Eugene Chan Featuring: Eugene Chan Sabrina...
  5. Ultiwed

    Short Film/Doc - Ultiwed - Surprise Proposal and Wedding on Same Day

    In this true story we meet Sherwin and Selena. Having gone thru abusive relationships and near death experiences, as well as loosing almost everything during Hurricane Sandy, Sherwin decides that he wants to marry the love of his life Selena and comes up with a plan to propose to her and get...
  6. backstage films

    NEED ACTORS for upcoming short film.

    Project "I'LL GET YOU" (title in progress) Ai Backstage Films. Miami International University of Art & Design. We need 3 guys and one girl for a high school setting. location: miami, FL It's a horror short and the girl needs to be able to cry and act traumatized. LOG-LINE: Two high school...
  7. J

    Attention: Looking for awesome short films!

    Hello Good Day! WatchFlies is currently on the look out for the most inspiring/promising/stunning/educational/etc. short films on the planet! As a starting brand WatchFlies is aiming to help veteran/young filmmakers share their respective works to our website. We do believe that we can't build...
  8. A

    New Romantic Drama (Short) available

    Hi All, My new screenplay, From Time to Time, is a quirky love story that runs approx 10 minutes. The story is similar in tone to Amelie and has a very visual style. More details of this and my other shorts at http://www.anthonycawood.co.uk Thanks Anthony
  9. Adith.U.S

    Will, You be me

  10. Jo Natalício

    Não Existe Depois

    Any thoughts on the film are highly appreciated. Link:
  11. Marco Luca

    Voice Over

    Simply dazzling and captivating story! This short by Martin Rosete will indulge you deeper and deeper as you watch and listen, and then suddenly just spits you out, just to suck you right back in! One of the best endings I've ever seen in a short film. http://filmshortage.com/shorts/voice-over/
  12. S

    Trailer for 10 Short Films shot in only 3 days

    Check out this Trailer for 10 short films that were shot in only 3 days using a Red Epic and Cooke Panchro lenses. These films genre's range from drama, comedy, romance, and thriller. They were created to make a positive impact in the world and through them funds will be raised for charity...