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social media

  1. ErnestineSchillings

    Right Way to Deliver Message to Teens With a Film?

    Hello! I am going to make a short film, or you can call it a documentary with my small team about the use of social media. Actually, the concept of the film revolves around how social media is influencing the lives of teens. And how they are treating their parents in this influence. In...
  2. You Said You Loved Me

    You Said You Loved Me

    "You Said You Loved Me" explores how social media is affecting our relationship with people, especially with our loved ones. In a relationship, shouldn't we keep the sweet and unforgettable memories to ourselves.. Rather than sharing it with others? Written and Directed by Eugene Chan...
  3. K

    View over 500 short films for free on TheAudienceAwards.com

    The Audience Awards is a social media site for independent filmmakers to compete and share their short films with an international audience. So if you love watching independent short films then come check us out at http://theaudienceawards.com/ Find us on Facebook-...