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student film

  1. Severance


    This film was made under the stipulation of no dialogue. The story is about how a man and a woman each deal with their broken relationship.
  2. Nature Move Right!

    Nature Move Right!

    This is an experimental micro nature short film, that I shot on my Sony A6100 with my Fotasy 35mm f1.7 lens in 4K. #nature #naturesounds #naturewalk #naturevideos #nature4K #4kvideo #naturetrail #naturetrailsounds #naturetrailvideo #sony #sonya6100 #bluesky #water #watersounds...
  3. The Punisher: Uprising - Episode 7 (Fan Series)

    The Punisher: Uprising - Episode 7 (Fan Series)

  4. Potty Break (2019)

    Potty Break (2019)

  5. Eugene Seo

    Seaking composer for a high school student film!

    Hi! My name is Eugene and I am a G11 student filmmaker. I'm currently making a film for my IB film course at school, and I'm in an urgent need for a composer! The film is short (around 3-4 minutes) and my curriculum forbids students to use any music that was not specifically composed for their...
  6. Thlípsi


    A man who is paranoid and deluded by his own conspiracies that someone out there is after him must come to terms with the root of his suffering. ------------- We shot this film back in February of 2018 and to our surprise, the film turned out to be more influential to us than I would have...
  7. Priceless


    This was my very first silent short film . I had no previous experience of using a camera or video editing. Recently finished a certificate course from Christchurch NZ and this was my final project.Concept, cinematography,direction,editing,costume done by me.
  8. Jill & Jill 2018

    Jill & Jill 2018

    Starring: Julia Ysabela H. Fernandez as Jill Gabe Sanchez as Jack Directed by: Myat Noe Written by: Freddie Lee Jones III/Ricardo Hernandez/Myat Noe Produced by: 4 to Float & Gritty 1z Productions Shot by: Albert Orozco Sound by: Ben Richard Buhain...
  9. Restless


    Hey all, here is a film I made. I would love to have some feedback on it :) Restless: Synopsis: After months of working long days at the office, Shaun's life takes an uncomfortable turn when he is invited to Canterbury for the weekend. Shaun finds himself alone in an alien city, surrounded...
  10. Blue Whale

    Blue Whale

    This short film is not in English so you need to open the subtitles. Made from high school students, so don't expect professional work.
  11. SamBaxter

    Composer needed for student project

    I am an MA student as Salford university who needs a composer for a student film. The project will be based on celebrating Blue Peter's 60th birthday The idea that we have come up with is creating two short video. Each film will be 5 minutes long. Totalling up to 10 minutes. As we want it to...