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Pros: I really wanted to know what would happen next
Cons: I don't like why she got rid of the book.
The concept is simple yet brilliant. I love the book that writes back- Is that you Tom Riddle? Is there a reason you made it in black and white? Also, the build felt too fast. Things happen in threes. I think that it would've been better if you would've made it a tad longer to give her more scenarios with the book. I also liked the book end, it was a nice touch.
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This is a very nice short film. It's clear, concise, to the point.
Cinematography is clean and clear for the most part. Sound is good. Story is simple, and it works: "Girl finds notebook that grants wishes but with a cost. She tries it out. It grants her wish but kills her grandma. She tries to wish for her grandma to come back to life, but it's too late. She burns the book. Someone else gets a go at it now." Straightforward, no confusion.

I'm not sure I buy that she'd be so excited upon discovering the notebook that she'd leave her dog and run off. She has no way of knowing it'll work until she tries it, so that seems a bit off. Also off, when she's told her granny died, and later when she's told she's been cremated, we seem to be in the same place/shot/angle, even though in theory she left to write down her new wish in between.

So that's a little off. But that's small. In the scheme of things, it's a short film that does what it means to do quickly and solidly. Good job.
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