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  1. Still Life

    Still Life

  2. MALUM


  3. Short, Sweet, and to the point!

    Short, Sweet, and to the point!

    Why am I a filmmaker? I just love the art of storytelling. This is a rich tradition, that I believe will never die. From the beginning and end of time, they'll be yelling! You'll never kill a storyteller, even if you try.
  4. Holding On

    Holding On

    It’s easy to get attached to a place or person after a period of time, making it hard to move on when the time comes - but just because you’re moving on.. Doesn’t mean you have to let go of the past completely. BEHIND THE SCENES: Directed, Written, Cinematography, and Edited by Eugene Chan...
  5. HANDS


    This video was recorded, edited, and published online this year.
  6. artsnfilm.com

    All Film Students should join this site

    Are you a film student looking to network with students that share the same passion for the creative arts as you, then join artsnfilm.com for free.
  7. Not-man

    Making fun of Freud

    Sigmund Freud's Fruit and Nut Bar: A short that deals with innocence, dreams and pokes fun at some of Freud's views on sex. "Dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy."- Freud
  8. Not-man

    A film to make your hairs stand up when it ends!

    The Dharma Bum: Portrait of a Cynic in LA Universe Multicultural Film Festival Official Selection
  9. P


    Hello, I am student filmmaker and I want to share my film with you. I entered a contest and I need a lot of votes. Please share it with your friends so I can have as many votes as possible. thank you!! http://www.citizen.tv/email_redir?redir=video_link&key=AsKLWZpxiK the name of my film is...
  10. Papion

    LadyPayne - Directed By Papion (HD)

    LadyPayne - Directed By Papion (HD) Do you know the biggest difference between life and the sky ??? The Sky Doesn´t belong to Anyone, But life its Yours. So Never Stop Believing, You can reach beyond. Please select 1080p to see in HD.Thank you !!!
  11. Papion

    God Willing - Directed By Papion (HD)

    God Willing - Directed By Papion (HD) A work consisting of Muslim women in sorrow
  12. Papion

    Andromedae - Directed By Papion

    The mythological Princess Andromeda is a constellation of the northern celestial hemisphere. The genitive, used to form names of stars, is Andromedae.

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