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  1. Ambrose Freeman-Toole

    New film scores for 2015

    Please feel free to contact me for any new film or theater projects for 2015. Ambient, comedy, horror, drama, epic. You can can view my portfolio at: Or view my full portfolio at: www.ambroseftmusic.com Have a great year, Ambrose F-T
  2. martin perez


    My name is Martin Perez and my goal is to make great films. I'm in the learning stages so please be patient with me. I'll be looking forward to your comments. Thanks!
  3. A

    Morning Glory (Kenyan Short Film

    A couple's confrontation leads to unexpected results....
  4. Marcus.

    NOW CASTING: 2 Actresses for new Web Series

    Production title: “Marcus.” Union / Non-Union: Non-Union Production Type: Independent Project length: Web Series (10 episodes) Project format: 16:9 HD Posted on: Monday, October 31, 2014 Production location: Chicago Production Company: Genisys Productions Shooting Location: Chicago and...
  5. S

    Cyber Stalked - Short Film

    Tell me what you guys think!
  6. R

    Want to learn how to break in and sustain success as a writer in film or tv?

    On Nov 5, Reel Image, Inc. is hosting a roundtable discussion for graduate level film students pursuing a career as writers in film or television. We have a panel that includes the VP of the Warner Bros Writers Lab and more. If you are interested in attending, please view the one pager attached...
  7. Jess

    First short (very) film - French New Wave style... feedback please?

    Studying French New Wave in class inspired my friends and I to make our own 5 minute short in a French New Wave style, I would love some feedback in possible!
  8. aidanriceproductions

    Domestic Violence Short Film 'Thirty Three'

    My first short film, surrounding the issue of domestic violence.
  9. J

    Where the Red Fox Lies (Fantastical Horror Drama) (Directed by Jeff Ray)

    Hey all, My name is Jeff Ray. I'm a filmmaker from Austin, TX. I use to post a lot of my short films on here when I was a wee teenager way back in the day. Now that I've finally completed another short film and it's now online, I figured it would only be appropriate to post it on the website...
  10. Moxie Tonic Productions

    CASTING CALL for Short Film in Chicago - need 2 Male leads and 1 female supporting

    Casting Notice for "To Have a Happy Day" Moxie Tonic Productions is currently in pre-production on the short student film "To Have a Happy Day", a dramedy that intersects the lives of a despondent middle aged man and an angsty teenage boy to explore the motivation to live well. Auditions will...
  11. Jordi

    Composer available!

    Hey! My name is Jordi and I'm a music composer. I have three years of experience in the music business, and can play guitar, bass guitar, synths/keyboards, trumpet and flute, but can also play a bit of drums and violin. I can write anything you want, well, almost anything, just say it and we...
  12. Z

    A Cancerous Greed

    Two researchers attempt to find the cure for cancer but soon find out that it will take more than research to get the cure from the lucrative medical giant Unihealth Research. Check it Out and let me know what you think!
  13. Henry Roa DeLuca

    12:30 - Short Action/Drama Film

    12:30 - A short film about two best friends, Monica and Peter, who plan to meet together to see a movie but along the way the two friends find themselves in situations that prevent them from arriving on time involving a possible romance, and a smartphone theft incident turned into a...
  14. Z

    A Cancerous Greed

    Short Film--- Two doctors attempting to find the cure for cancer will soon find out that it will take much more than research to get the cure out from the lucrative medical companies. Enjoy
  15. Not-man

    A film to make your hairs stand up when it ends!

    The Dharma Bum: Portrait of a Cynic in LA Universe Multicultural Film Festival Official Selection
  16. D'OnofrioFilm

    Takes Two to Hustle (16mm short film)

    Hello, this is a short film I shot for school, mostly on super 16 film. I'll be posting this under the drama and comedy sections since the film has elements of both. Any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks! A wild pool hustler and his fierce protector make a living on the streets – a...
  17. Filip Kilián

    The Last of our kind

    Short film from postapocalyptic world. First school exam, theme: Changing the wheel.
  18. C

    An Interloping Dream

    Here's a film I did for my submission into The All American High School Film Festival
  19. Joshua Rollo

    Ringtone Revenge!

    Here is our short film. A revenge film from New Zealand. Written, shot and edited in 48 hours. Please us know what you think! Thanks for viewing.
  20. Liten Fantasi (Henrik)

    Wheel of Fortune (short)

    Liten Fantasi presents their first short film. Wheel of Fortune presents modern life for the modern man in our modern world. Rising early in the morning we set off for work. The place we spend most of our time, scraping together our earnings while longing for the weekend - party, alcohol, the...