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  1. V I L L A I N

    V I L L A I N

  2. One Of Us

    One Of Us

  3. NYTVF

    Call for Entries: NYTVF Indie Pilot Competition Final Deadlines Approaching!

    The 14th Annual Independent Pilot Competition -- FINAL DEADLINES APPROACHING! Want to get your work in front of industry decision-makers? Don’t wait -- submit today! In 2018, NYTVF is accepting submissions for the Independent Pilot Competition (IPC). Looking to submit your produced TV pilot...
  4. Zhukov


  5. Where We Left Off

    Where We Left Off

    A young adult trapped in a coma after a traumatic event conflicts with himself about returning to the real world. “Where We Left Off” is a Drama Fantasy Student Short Film by Maximillian Remmler.
  6. RUFUS


    VIMEO: The aristocratic Fine family goes missing... Except for the youngest, Rufus Fine. Jeremy Morton was engaged to Rufus's sister Bridgette, when she vanished without so much as a word. Desperately, he hires two private investigators to look into Rufus, in the hope of unearthing an...
  7. The Tracks

    The Tracks

    This was my first short film. I was inspired to write it while taking my Psychology class in High School. It took 8 Days to shoot and 6 months to edit.
  8. R

    Sides | Short Film

    Hello! I would love for you to watch and share this short film! I believe it has such a powerful story and message! Please check it out! I have no doubt that you will love it!! Thank you!! It is the story of two best friends on opposite Sides of the Civil War!
  9. "Limbo" - Short Film

    "Limbo" - Short Film

    CREDITS Director & Writer- Jake Beyer Cinematography- Evan Yoh Audio Engineer- Ellie Spencer STARRING Avery White Brandon Forgione Amanda Young MUSIC CREDITS: Ross Budgen Mattia Cupelli
  10. The Climb

    The Climb

    Synopsis The simple story follows one day in Simon Peter’s life as he wakes up, goes climbing a rock mountain with his friend Thomas, watches his friend die, which leads the day to start over. This continuous time loop seems to have no end at all. Will Simon ever be able to break the time loop...
  11. Mr. Spy

    Mr. Spy

  12. さよなら - Sayonara (2017) | Read Film Info~

    さよなら - Sayonara (2017) | Read Film Info~

    PLEASE READ: Because YouTube is the only format accepted, I had to use a previous version to upload. To watch the more preferred version (both with music and color correction choices), follow this link: A short, Japanese film about the potential longevity of friendship, subtitled in English...
  13. Jacob-Carl Pauw

    Hello, from the Netherlands.

    Jacob-Carl Pauw is my name, I'm living in the Netherlands. I'm a passionated fulltime photographer and Audio Visual Specialist. Alongside my work I started making short movies since 2012. Right now photography and film-making are merging together. I hope to publish some movies and shorts in the...
  14. What A Night...

    What A Night...

    Fun short. One of many on my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjwdry7MzDknLPQldKCZEHA
  15. NYTVF

    Last Chance for Discounted Entry: Submit to the 13th Annual Independent Pilot Competition Today!

    Looking to submit your produced TV pilot or series? Submit to the Independent Pilot Competition (IPC), the NYTVF’s flagship, annual initiative, accepting independently-produced, original television pilots and series, short films, and short-form web series from around the globe. For discounted...
  16. NYTVF

    Submit to 13th Annual NYTVF - Student Discount Available!

    New York Television Festival now accepting submissions for 13th annual Independent Pilot Competition! NYTVF's Independent Pilot Competition is now accepting original TV, web and digital series pilots, 4-60 minutes in ALL genres. Official Selections for 2017 will be up for GUARANTEED development...
  17. Granite Bay - The Preface to Revenge

    Granite Bay - The Preface to Revenge

  18. Nathan Mcbride

    Buried Vengence

  19. Permanent


    Permanent is a short film that tells the story of Danielle Perry and her struggle to let go of her tumultuous past with her husband Jason Perry (a former football player suffering from manic depression) so that she can move forward with her current boyfriend Adrien Smith (a newly employed...
  20. Francis Serra

    Like A Chimney