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fan film

  1. Pee Shy: A Marvel Paody

    Pee Shy: A Marvel Paody

    What happens when three superheroes fight to use a urinal? I don't own the rights to any Marvel Properties!!!!!! Original Script by M. Robert Turnage Additional Add-ons by Freddie Lee Jones III
  2. PORG - A Comedy Short

    PORG - A Comedy Short

    This film was shot in 5 minutes with no camera man besides myself.
  3. Batman: Gotham Blood

    Batman: Gotham Blood

    Gotham City is in its Golden Age as a decade of bad blood ends with the death of Joker. The Wayne Foundation has been hard at work rehabilitating inmates at Arkham and restoring the city to its former glory. Bruce Wayne is optimistic, but Commissioner Gordon senses something strange in the...
  4. Catherinethegreat21

    Composer Looking for a filming team for a Harry Potter Fan Film

    *This thread belongs here instead of in the Misc. Classifieds. thanks! Hi, I'm a Composer looking for a filming /Production team for a Harry Potter Fan Film: The Four Founders of Hogwarts Roles that need to be filled in Bold Producer Director Screenwriter/Scriptwriter Production Designer Art...