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  1. free background music for your video, film and short documentaries

    free background music for your video, film and short documentaries

    register now and download free music for your video on http://www.audiofighter.com
  2. S

    Offering free dialogue list ($95 value) for your film submission in festivals

    Hello Filmmakers, I have a company in Toronto, Canada that provides dialogue list for all types of films. Dialogue List is a post-production script that is usually required by Film Festivals and distributors. It also helps you make closed captions or subtitles down the line. We're currently...
  3. www.audiofighter.com // open music library for shortfilms

    www.audiofighter.com // open music library for shortfilms

    Do you need background music for free? Hi, i want to take the time to invite you to visit my website: http://www.audiofighter.com Free License music for all your video needs. youtube, vimeo, tiktok, dailymotion, documentaries, shortfilms, promotional videos, commercials, tutorials, service...
  4. www.audiofighter.com // open music library for shortfilms

    www.audiofighter.com // open music library for shortfilms

    My name is Adrian Diaz, im a Music Composer and CEO of Music label South Hills Records and now audiofighter.com, i normally work alone, but usually would collaborate with friends projects such as Free Guitars or Babel without Borders. Register to www.audiofighter.com and start downloading music...
  5. Free music download for ShortFilms and Documentaries

    Free music download for ShortFilms and Documentaries

    in http://www.audiofighter.com Register and start downloading music for your video creations ! We want to make music access easy for video creators and web content creators. Please provide attribution when you use a track on a video or project, you can add, the source and name of the track on...
  6. P

    Free Songs For You Film / Project

    Hi I’ll keep this quick I’m an unsigned musician trying to get my songs out there. If you are looking for some songs for your project you can use whatever you want absolutely free, I'm just recording this stuff as its my passion (as I'm sure film-making is for you guys). As I’m unsigned...
  7. Pettis&Pickup

    Media Composition Duo seeking films for original scores

    Pettis & Pickup are a new collaborative duo, based in the UK, with a goal to compose new, high quality audio for film, TV, games and media. Between two composition studios, we have a variety of top of the range gear to ensure that all aspects of your projects are of great quality and something...
  8. Nate Sparks

    Free Dub Step for Short Films

    Hello All My name is Nate Sparks and after many years in the music business at all levels, I have come to a sweet place called "doing it for fun!" Lately, my favorite pastime is creating original music from dubs (urban, soundtrack, etc.). I have scored television shows, short films, animated...
  9. Berk Bekar

    I Can Compose Free

    Hello everyone; I'm from Turkey and I can compose music for your short movies, ads, documentaries etc. free. Well, at least for now :) You can visit to listen to my works. I hope you like them. I personally like making psychological and horror music but you can hear other genres on my channel...
  10. Mimi_c

    Im composing soundtracks for free :)

    Im a film scoring major seeking for people in need of a soundtrack or any kind of music matching visuals to complete my portfolio for entering a masters programme. I will compose, produce and mix the music for free, following the guidelines of the director. (It doesnt really matter what kind of...
  11. Searching For Royalty Free Music? Check Out This Site!

    Searching For Royalty Free Music? Check Out This Site!

    +JMJ+ Purple Planet Music is a terrific website to visit to find the soundtrack that's right for you. All of Purple Planet's music is royalty free. Their music covers genres including the following: dark, dance, upbeat, cool, relaxing, reflective, sneaky, creepy, rock, retro, jazz, drama...
  12. Jeffrey Wang

    Composer looking for projects (free music)

    Hello there! I'm looking for some film projects to write music for, I've graduated from University with a degree in music and wrote a lot of academic music during that time, but didn't really get much of a chance to write film music (they cut the film scoring module for some reason). I really...
  13. Daniel Mauck

    Will write music for free - lots of styles

    I've got a lot of time on my hands, and I'll write music for your film for free. I have lots of range. Take a listen to my soundcloud and message me there if you're interested. Thanks!
  14. Gillian Orwoll Composer

    Need a free score for your project?

    Hey there, I've been composing music for the past 10 years and have my Bachelor's in Music Business, with a concentration in Piano. I've written for computer games in the past, but am trying to break into the film scoring scene. I'd be willing to score the right project for free. I am also open...
  15. Zviad Gvilava

    Free Original Music For Your Film

    Dear friends, We are professional musicians group from Tbilisi, Georgia. If someone is interested to cooperate with us please contact: subitoproduction@gmail.com. We are ready to write an original music for short or full length movie for free. Requirements: the film must be interested for our...
  16. ovenglove

    Composer/Sound Designer looking for projects

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to put together a portfolio/showreel and am seeking projects big and small. I have a a strong musical background, have studied sound design at university and can compose in a variety of styles.I'd be delighted to collaborate on any projects just for the experience...
  17. BenH08

    AHS Aquinas - Teaser 1 (Bloody Mess)

    Hey guys... this is my first post so plz be nice! For my multimedia major work tis year i am making a short film and because i am a MASSIVE American horror story fan i wanted to make my own version set in my school we started filming today and i have uploaded the first teaser of the film. if...
  18. BernardezMedia

    For the month of July...free audio editing!

    For the month of July, we are offering full, professional, free audio editing for your short film! No ifs or buts; only quality results. This includes: -Audio restoration -Foley/ADR -Dialogue and SFX editing and mixing -Mastering If you are interested, what are you waiting for? There's only a...
  19. beanriffs

    I am a composer looking for experience

    Hi everyone, My name is Sean Lewis.. I am a musician from Australia, been playing guitar and drums for most of my life and for a while I have been fascinated with the art of film composing :) I am looking to do short films/documentaries in genres drama, romance and thriller, maybe even action...
  20. Brent Magstadt

    Composer / Sound Designer available

    Hey everyone, thanks for being here, or... wherever it is you may be. ;-) My name is Brent Magstadt. I'm a composer working remotely from Hawaii, focusing mainly on Film/TV cues and publishing library placements, with a fair amount of success. I'm looking to step more into scoring direct to...