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music video

  1. Behind the Bag (Short Film on Mental Health in the Music Industry)

    Behind the Bag (Short Film on Mental Health in the Music Industry)

  2. I Need To Go

    I Need To Go

    This was filmed back in early 2018 and I finally was able to convert the Hi-8 Film into digital and edit the video ! please enjoy ! I am very open to all feedback ! thanks !
  3. Before We Blew Our Brains Out (Short Film/Music Video)

    Before We Blew Our Brains Out (Short Film/Music Video)

  4. B

    Indie neo-folk band seeking filmmaker for music video

    My band is looking for a creative filmmaker to make a music video for a song on our upcoming release. The music is space-out neo-folk: eerie, contemplative songs featuring acoustic guitar and vocal harmonies, with themes of longing, isolation and crossing over. The video should fit with the...
  5. N

    Need director and crew to make music video NYC/NJ area

    Please message me at nylongirl@hotmail.com if you are interested. PAID.
  6. Straight Outta Comm School

    Straight Outta Comm School

    Written & Directed by: Nina Guzman Assistant Writer: Sarah Smithy Editor: Nina Guzman Performers: Nina Guzman Sarah Smithy Natasha Mraz Adam Brown Tom Heiner Hannah Byron
  7. MC Yo Wassup

    Sony A99 footage cut in Vegas 13 Music Video

    MC Yo Wassup - Wassup ft Spree-Da-Link (Official Music Video 2015)
  8. Jarod With

    Freelance Film/Photo/Editing/Acting/Etc. Work

    ✦ Filmmaker, Artist, Photographer, Dude ✦ Hello! My name is Jarod With. I’m an 18 year old American artist, designer and filmmaker. I am open for freelance work of various varieties! I have been drawing, writing, and making films and videos since I was nine years old and am now attending...
  9. Mr. Frost

    Music video(s) wanted - $50

    I am an independent musician putting out a new album in December of 2015. My music will be for sale on the standard websites (iTunes, Google, Amazon, etc.) but I will also be posting the songs on Youtube and I am looking for video to go with some of the songs. It could be a film/video that...
  10. SS41

    SS41 needs you to make our music video (any style)

    hello, my bands are SS41 & MODERN TRANSPARENT i need a cool video for two songs...any style. we are not interested in being in the video so we are relying on your imagination! here are the two songs we need your help with: please feel free to submit anything. video/cartoon/clay really...
  11. S

    Alice in Wonderland Music Video / Please tell me what you think

    Please watch and tell me what you think, we had to be as frugal as possible with this project. If you like please share and help us distribute. Thanks and Peace! Stephen Bruno
  12. S


    . Entire video was shot for under $300. Canon t2i with one lens 17-55 2.8. Sets lit with standard low end video lights and 5in1 bounce, performance /set decorated and lit with walmart clamp aluminum flood lamp and bulb. Costumes flea market rack specials, locations wheeled and dealed. We...
  13. P

    Short dynamic promo for a fashion magazine project

    Hi there! Recently I filmed a short promo-fashion video (1 minute) for an online fashion magazine project. I consider it a music video regarding the fact it's main part is the soundtrack and the cuts are edited to fit the song and create dynamism. I would greatly appreciate any feedback and...
  14. ShawnBu

    "Monsters" fantasy themed music video

    Hi, my fellow students and me created this music video for the Swedish Band "Monde Yeux". The video was conceived like a short film and doesn't feature the band at all. We follow three persons whose surroundings slowly transform into dreamlike worlds. Here each of them encounters a...
  15. zterry

    A Quiet Life- One Take Music Video

    Hey everyone, I'm just about to finish up film school in New York, and to celebrate, I gathered some of my closest, and most talented friends to create the mesmerizing, one take music video we always wanted to make. I'm super proud of it, and appreciate anyone who takes the time to watch it...
  16. J-ASIA

    Mixed race artist looking for people to shoot music video EDM

    Hi, I'm a mixed race artist located in NJ looking for people to help shoot my music video for my EP. I can't offer money as I am just starting out but I do know that being involved with this project will most likely help build your portfolio. The song is 100 times better than what is on my...
  17. A

    Student Filmmaker Wanted with original ideas and animation skills

    We are a new melodic progressive ambient metal band with female vocals currently having our debut album mixed by Jochem Jacobs (ex-Textures) in Amsterdam. We are all professional musicians dedicated 100% to our new project and absolutely committed to seeing it through to the finish line. We...
  18. joseph.eckworth

    The Autumnkind - Trial and Error. Kafka/Noir inspired music video. please rate!

    Hey everyone! Heres a music video that I shot and edited on a minimal budget (the only expense was props) for The Autumnkind. It was shot entirely in my home. I shot it with my canon 550D (t2i) and edited/graded on FCP 7 Please let me know what you think! Thanks!
  19. F

    girl makes a beat

  20. DanoSongs

    Help with footage for music video?

    Does anyone have any film or video footage that might work as a music video for my new royalty free track "Tour of the Flowers"? ...http://www.danosongs.com/blog/new-country-song-tour-of-the-flowers