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  1. SAPU


  2. The Grass Is Always Greener

    The Grass Is Always Greener

  3. Duplicity


    College student Jem Ward has left his old life behind him. Determined to make a change, Jem left the world of drugs and gang violence, and buried his guilt deep inside of himself. After the most unspeakable of things happens, Jem is forced to return to his home town and now confront the things...
  4. Mr. Spy

    Mr. Spy

  5. Stifle a Metaphorical Short Film

    Stifle a Metaphorical Short Film

    Stifle is a metaphorical short film.It has a cryptic storyline . It was the first time of everyone working in the project.
  6. Working Title

    Working Title

    Directed By Cormac Moore Written By Cormac Moore Produced by Dermot Boyle DOP Matthew De Barra
  7. AnteerU

    [TRAILER] "Though I Walk throught the valley" (Our new mystery short)

    THOUGH I WALK THROUGH THE VALLEY (Original title: UND OB ICH SCHON WANDERT) Our new short film Facebook-Page | Like! | Share Previews: Trailer Teaser (Make sure you click on the little |CC|-Button if it's not already activated in order to get English subtitles. (Yeah...
  8. RS Productions

    The Night before the Exam - Short Film

    What is your perception of what happened? Who is the intruder? Where is the Intruder?
  9. J

    Last First Kiss

    Here's my first short film shot at the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television. I'd appreciate any feedback! http://www.uglybabystudios.com/short-film-last-first-kiss/
  10. Chillax Media

    The Shadow Teaser

    Guys checkout the teaser of our new short film "The Shadow"
  11. Tim Busbee

    "One Bad Trip" by Tim C. Busbee

    A short video I made for fun in the vein of surrealist/crime/mystery/B-movie/horror. Synopsis - A mentally ill schizophrenic man continues to lose his mind by taking large amounts of LSD and he eventually hallucinates and becomes paranoid that all of the people around him outside are slowly...