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[TRAILER] "Though I Walk throught the valley" (Our new mystery short)


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(Original title: UND OB ICH SCHON WANDERT)
Our new short film

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Didn't want to miss the opportunity to advertise our upcoming short here, as well. It was shot in Germany and in German, so why post it here? Frankly to get an international perspective on it. What's an American, English, Aussie etc. filmmaker's take on it? We actually plan to go on international festivals with it, but first want to make our homework and this post is also to check whether we create the right expectation. Would you like to watch it from how it presents itself?

Anyway - let's raise the curtain!




(Make sure you click on the little |CC|-Button if it's not already activated in order to get English subtitles.

(Yeah, trailers for short films are borderline-useless - unless you crowdfund your film and want to raise an appetite so that your fans open their wallets and become supporters.)

Crowdfunding-Pitch (not subtitled, yet)​

After a cave-in, while they struggle to find their way out of a collapsing copper mine, two students trigger the interest of an ominous presence dwelling an old mountain - a presence that willingly puts their loyalty and compassion for each other to a test...

As all of you might already know, the title refers to Psalm 23:

Though I walk through the valley
of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil:
for thou art with me

Production Status & Notes
Shot in German and Germany, this movie was financed via Crowdfunding on startnext.de, the equivalent to kickstarter in the German speaking world. It was shot in a copper mine called Grube Wilhelmine (eng. "mine Wilhelmina") in the north of Bavaria and has entered post-production. Sound editing and color grading are about to start, the work on VFX has already begun (as showcased in our trailer). After completition it will have its online premiere for all crowdfunders - among which are also some Americans and we're damn proud of that :) - and it'll begin its theatrical run on festivals. Alongside national festivals, we'll try to enter international competition, too. Eventually the film will be uploaded on Vimeo with english subs.

PRODUCERS: Dominik Lando und Matthias Noe
LEAD ACTORS: Benjamin Hübner & Franziska Herrmann​

*that's me

Tech Specs | Additional Information:
Cameras used: RED Epic / RED MX (both First Unit) | Nikon D800 (Second Unit, e.g. some shots with stand ins)
Recording formats: Redcode Raw | H.264
Running time: approx. 12 minutes
Days of shooting: 2
Lenses: ZEISS Distagon & Planar Primes 35-85, COOKE Zoom 20-100mm MK II, SIGMA 17-50mm 2.8 EX
Location: Grube Wilhelmine in Sommerkahl | Bavaria, GERMANY | Google Maps
Software Used: Premiere & After Effects CS6 | Red CineX Pro

Some stills:

(more stills to be found here)

Hope you like what we can show you thus far,

Greetings from belowground,
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