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    типичный день киллера
  2. Aleksey


    I'm a composer. The daily life of the killer, it's scary. Watch until the end. In general, this is the first film, and we did it within 1 day. In the morning we wrote the script, and in the evening we already edited the film. Do not judge strictly. I will be happy with any advice. I'm just a...
  3. One Of Us

    One Of Us

  4. Where We Left Off

    Where We Left Off

    A young adult trapped in a coma after a traumatic event conflicts with himself about returning to the real world. “Where We Left Off” is a Drama Fantasy Student Short Film by Maximillian Remmler.
  5. What If

    What If

    A couple can reach a point when their relationship becomes.. Stagnant; when both mutually understand that they're coming to an end... Written, Directed, Cinematography, and Edited by Eugene Chan Featuring: Adrian Dryden Jessica Chan Music: ECHOES IN EMPTY from Colossal Trailer Music’s album...
  6. You Said You Loved Me

    You Said You Loved Me

    "You Said You Loved Me" explores how social media is affecting our relationship with people, especially with our loved ones. In a relationship, shouldn't we keep the sweet and unforgettable memories to ourselves.. Rather than sharing it with others? Written and Directed by Eugene Chan...
  7. A

    Looking for a composer for a short film titled "Until The End"

    Hi, We are making a student film for Sydney Film School and need music. Here's the synopsis for the film(currently in pre-production): Deserted by her parents, 13-year-old Sarah encounters an aged man who is like an angel sent from above, her grief subdues as he attempts to soothe her pain...
  8. iSeeChrisD

    I'm Chris - I'm 17 and pretty lame

    Hello. My name's Chris Daniels. I've been making videos of some sort for about six years. I dabbled in comedy for a bit, and for the last year of so I've been experimenting with darker, more experimental videos. I like to hit emotions with my stuff sometimes. That's cool. I just got accepted to...
  9. Ross Milner

    Pianist or Violinist Needed for Short-Film

    Experienced 'Pianist' or 'Violinist' wanted! Pianists: I will be needing piano piece(s) with an emotional style. It will need to be in the style of Ludovico Einaudi, or Frederic Chopin. Watch the video below to see what kind of piece I am after. Violinists: Again, it will have to fill an...
  10. J

    Cold Calling - A sad story about hopelessness

    A short piece about a man who underachieves, despite being an incredibly talented pianist. Quite touching, very sad and subtly dramatic.

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