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  1. SMS - Horror Short Film

    SMS - Horror Short Film

  2. Spam (Horror Short)

    Spam (Horror Short)

    WATCH WITH HEADPHONES Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor: Noah Kiriu Starring Seth Mills shot on the a7sii using rokinon primes and canon L glass.
  3. Missing - a7sii Short Horror Film (4k)

    Missing - a7sii Short Horror Film (4k)

  4. The Door

    The Door

    The Door. A horror short adapted by Chris Chaos of Axis Video. A woman quickly learns that in her apartment she is shutting her doors at a much quicker rate than she is opening them.
  5. Jarod With

    Morgue | TRAILER

    LIKE on Facebook! - https://www.facebook.com/jarodisrad SUPPORT on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/jarodwith?ty=h “Morgue” | Short Film | Horror "Aspiring journalist Donnie Myers’ only goal in life is to become a respected journalist. When his dreams are shut down, he teams up with the city’s...
  6. BenH08

    AHS Aquinas - Teaser 1 (Bloody Mess)

    Hey guys... this is my first post so plz be nice! For my multimedia major work tis year i am making a short film and because i am a MASSIVE American horror story fan i wanted to make my own version set in my school we started filming today and i have uploaded the first teaser of the film. if...
  7. AlexaSvilkic

    RamaCHau - Horror Story

    We were chilling and decided to make a short movie, we vreated a story as we were filming it , shoot all the scenes in 2 hours, and edited it in about 5hours. It may be a little boring in the begging so you can skip till 1.30min Hpe you like it
  8. Jess

    Hi I am Jess..

    I am a Film Studies student, currently at college (England) preparing my portfolio to apply to University to study Film Making/Production. I am a huge fan of Horror films and have just started to make my own short films with my friends who also hope to do Film at uni.
  9. B

    The urn short a horror movie

    Hey everyone! I want you to know that Rectangular pictures is busy working on a short horror movie called: "The urn" if you want to watch the movie go to http://facebook.com/RectangularPictures and give them a like! The urn is coming out soon....
  10. K

    Plunged - Crazy demon baby Short

    Hello there, I'd to share my latest short with this community. I'm aware that there are many problems with it and hopefully you can give me some tips on what I could have done better. And I 'd gladly do the same. Thank You

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