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  1. Invisus


  2. French composers looking for film projects

    French composers looking for film projects

  3. INK.


  4. John Theodore

    Need music for your film?

    Hey there! I've had fun working with a few student directors from this forum in the past, and am looking for my next collaboration. I love writing orchestral scores, but am also a huge fan of hybrid/minimalistic approaches. If you're looking for an experienced composer, please feel free to get...
  5. C

    BUBBLES-An Engaging-Experimental SCI-FI Short Film

    Short Film Link(English Subbed)-youtu.be/t2psFZR_3EI Hi Friends! Im Cinema31297,a 20 year old student.This is my first ever short film.It belongs to science fiction genre.I hope you all will love the screenplay(especially). It's my pleasure to share with you guys out there! Watch...


    VIEW THE FULL SERIES ON YOUTUBE; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL8ieLWlC4J4A97WHzeDylA CAST; Dafydd Williams as Rex Cynan Thomas as Captain Rebellious Richard Williams as Grand Admiral West Christopher Binfield as Billy Bones Robin Alexander Abas as 1st, Man - Hood Emily Williams as...
  7. Ryan Hall


    A lethal game of cat and mouse begins after a mysterious box is found in the wilderness. Everyone is after it, but what is it? BOX was one of two final year films that I made. It was deliberately designed to keep you guessing, whenever you thought it was heading one way, we tried to subvert our...
  8. Just Another Day

    Just Another Day

  9. Jacob Crow

    Looking for a Music Composer for a Short Action Film

    Hi all, We've recently filmed a zero-budget short action film and we're looking for a composer to produce a score. Unfortunately due to the nature of the production, we won't be able to pay for any work done. Our normal composer does not specialise in action, which is why we're searching for...


    Directed by : Dontae Carter Written by: Dontae Carter Cast: Captain Spaceman - Michael Forsch Ecang – Jason Rosen T.3D – Raymond Gutierrez Space Pirate - Jeremiah B. McQueen Space Tiger Matt Kuri Space Tiger voice - Gus Langley
  11. Jake Lefkowitz

    Hello, My name is Jake Lefkowitz

    Hello, my name is Jake Lefkowitz and I am a Film Composer, Audio Engineer and guitarist. I started playing music at the age of three and have been playing guitar now for fifteen years. I have a diploma from SAE (school of Audio Engineering) which I attended after high school and I now study film...
  12. Kiran Dhoot

    Love music for films? Look no further!

    Hi there! My passion lies in composing music for film. I have scored multiple short films. The first film I scored, O Jardim de Sinis was screened in the Prince Charles Theatre, London, having been shortlisted in the top 10 One Shot movies of 2014. From then on, I have been approached multiple...
  13. XX9999XX

    Sci-fi/Horror Soundtrack Composer Looking For Like Minded Film Makers

    Hi, I compose Sci-fi/Horror soundtracks and I'd like to find film makers to work with. There's a link below that features some sounds that are available, and I can also compose new works if discussed. I hope to hear from someone/anyone soon! Mod Note: Thread merged due to identical content.
  14. J

    Where the Red Fox Lies (Fantastical Horror Drama) (Directed by Jeff Ray)

    Hey all, My name is Jeff Ray. I'm a filmmaker from Austin, TX. I use to post a lot of my short films on here when I was a wee teenager way back in the day. Now that I've finally completed another short film and it's now online, I figured it would only be appropriate to post it on the website...
  15. MarkDFilms

    DYADATUS |Sci-fi Teaser|

    Hey everyone! This is a sci-fi short film I've been developing in my off-time while at film school. I produced this teaser to help establish the universe of the narrative and help me experiment with vfx techniques that I will eventually utilize in the final project. Hope you all enjoy!!
  16. B

    Echo | Sci-fi Short Film

    This is a short film we released today. Looking for any honest feedback.
  17. J


    A short sci-fi - let me know what you think! :)
  18. Marco Luca

    Each Time Again - An unusual but compelling sci-fi short

    Ben is a serial killer, a serial killer at ease with killing even when his victims are closest to him. As a boy he’s shown a machine that wipes the slate clean and he doesn’t hesitate to use it. Over the years he’s turned his habit into a ritual and his obsession into a religion. But one night a...
  19. C

    My First Short Film

    Check out my first short film I produced and directed for a class last semester. Let me know what you think!
  20. B


    Our Upcoming Film Festival in October needs Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Horror short films. Time wise, films can be from 2:00 minutes up to 15 minutes no longer. Please send link to your film, with bio about the film and filmmaker(s) please include contact information. The Deadline is Tuesday September...