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  1. Daniel Mauck

    Composer looking for work on shorts.

    I will compose a score for your short film for an extremely reasonable rate, or possibly for free depending on the project. You can hear my demo reel and contact me via my web site, www.danielmauck.com. Happy film making!
  2. Tony Doubek

    Professional Score for Any Project

    Hello everyone, Do you need a professional sounding score using polished sound libraries fully mixed and mastered and tailored to your unique project? The music I write is carefully crafted to fit each film's aesthetic, emotional qualities, and overall vision. I invite a lot of feedback...
  3. Your next Film Score

    Your next Film Score

    If you need a composer for you next project. I am here for YOU. I am a musician / film composer from Los Angeles, CA with over 12 years experience with writing, performing and recording original music. Currently I am diving into the composer "World". One of my most notable songs was in the...
  4. D

    Music composers for Dark and Horror films

    We are a team of composers looking to have a start at the soundtrack area. In our bios there are complete albums with millions of views. Our style is always dark. Feel free to ask for any further info and links of our previous work. Willing to compose original music (from orchestral to 80's...
  5. Jordan Winslow

    How a Failed Education System and a False Diagnosis Created a Dreamer Who Won't Give up on Music!

    Click Here If You'd Like to Listen While You Read I WAS WHAT THEY CALLED A “TROUBLED” CHILD. I was the class clown. It seemed to the faculty at Lumpkin County Elementary that I could not focus on any work they gave me and it was suggested I may have something wrong with my brain. As time...
  6. Devon Robbins

    Experimental Composer/ Sound Artist

    Hey everyone, I'm an experimental composer and sound artist looking for new projects. My work has been compared to Trent Reznor's film work, Radiohead, and Ben Frost. I do a lot of textural sound with sample manipulation and analog synthesizers. If you are looking for something other than a...
  7. CinematicAudio

    CinematicAudio - composer looking for projects!

    Hi everyone! I'm Jan Lach aka CinematicAudio. I’m a young composer from Poland. My work is primarily very climatic film music, epic action cue’s for trailers and lovely, romantic pieces best for love-genre movies. I’m using the most professional libaries available on the market and real...
  8. Sam Fuller

    Experienced composer available for hire

    Hi all! Im an experienced composer available for hire! please get in touch at samfullercomposer@gmail.com I'd love to here about your projects! All the best Sam
  9. Devon Robbins

    Looking for a tense/dramatic project to put an analog synth score to.

    Hey everyone. I'm an electronic musician making music under the name finale. If you are looking for a score similar to that in The Social Network, or any of the films that Reznor/Ross have worked on, I might be your guy. I love doing sound design with analog synthesizers. I recently released an...
  10. Ryan Claus

    Just released 50+ modern cinematic beats (think Bonobo) under Attribution license!

    Here is the link: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Little_Glass_Men/ That means you can use these tracks for your projects free, and commercially:) Just of course attribute credits somewhere. I also provide custom music and sound design for media; you can see some of the work I've done on my...
  11. APFK1987

    Brooklyn Based Female Composer looking for films/videos to score

    My name is Alexandra and I'm a Brooklyn-based film and commercial composer. I'm a classically trained vocalist and pianist with experience in many different genres from pitching on TV commercials as a freelance composer. I have experience writing music for features, documentaries, shorts and...
  12. Jared Forman

    Established Composer looking to build relationships

    Hey everyone, My name is Jared Forman, I am a Los Angeles based composer. I have worked with composers Danny Elfman, Gustavo Santaolalla, and Kevin Kiner (among others). Most recently, I worked on the music for the Netflix original documentary series, Making a Murderer. I have samples of my...
  13. Luca Eck

    Hey Guys I'm new here :) - Composing/Grading - Free for Short movies

    My Name is Luca Eck, I'm 14 years old and I'm from Berlin. Listening to and making music has always been an important part of my life. I've played Instruments since I was seven years old (double bass, piano). I love scoring films and composing/producing in general. I'm composing in Ableton Live...
  14. Zviad Gvilava

    Free Original Music For Your Film

    Dear friends, We are professional musicians group from Tbilisi, Georgia. If someone is interested to cooperate with us please contact: subitoproduction@gmail.com. We are ready to write an original music for short or full length movie for free. Requirements: the film must be interested for our...
  15. G

    Award Winning Composer Available

    Hi there, I'm an award winning composer (for a commercial i did for Castrol GTX), but I'm very keen to score some student films. Please check out my website at www.gavinpotter.com. And let me know if you keen to work together. Have a great day. Gavin
  16. Daniel Berk

    Is your film in Post Production?

    If you answered yes, then chances are you will want a unique and original score for your film. With over 70+ credits, I can help take your film to the next level. If you are looking to work with a highly dedicated, affordable and experienced composer then please visit www.danielberk.com
  17. HarryLlewellyn

    Looking to score a 10 minute + short film

    Hey there, We are Legato Music, a highly skilled pair of producers/composers who are looking for a 10 minute+ short film to score. No fee is required If interested please connect harry@legatomusic.co.uk Thankyou
  18. Devine and Shew

    Composing/Production team looking for short films to score

    We are 2 veteran musicians/composers/Engineers who are starting a collaboration to score for all types of media (film, games, tv, etc..) and we just launched our new website at http://www.devineandshew.com and we are currently looking for short student films to score in order for us to flesh out...
  19. Aaron James Eckardt

    Aaron James Eckardt - Music Composer

    Hello, my name is Aaron. I'm a professional music composer with years of experience working on tv shows, commercials, short films, docs, trailers and countless other projects. In recent history I've had the pleasure of writing soundtracks and creating sound design for a 10 episode drama...
  20. ajaicombelic

    Whisical musician seeking shorts to score

    Hi, I'm a young composer interested in working with filmmakers to collaborate on quality projects. I'm easy going and a hard worker. My compositions focus on texture, mood, and change. I have samples of my work up on my website ajaicombelic.com. Best, Ajai