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  1. Jack & Jill

    Jack & Jill

  2. Raven Dock


    Hi, everyone! I'm going to ask a very silly question, but it's been bothering me and making me slightly paranoid. I'm currently in the process of casting a short film I have written, my very first short film. I have a very small budget and I am not paying the actors. The casting call poster...
  3. Jarod With

    Photographer, Editor, Cinematographer, Etc.

    ✦ Filmmaker, Artist, Photographer, Dude ✦ Hello! My name is Jarod With. I’m an 18 year old American artist, designer and filmmaker. I am open for freelance work of various varieties! I have been drawing, writing, and making films and videos since I was nine years old and am now attending film...
  4. A

    Paying for Screenplays w/Strong Female Lead

    We are looking for short scripts (20 page maximum; 15-20 mins in length), or pitches for short scripts, with female protagonists who play ages 30-45. ETHNICITY MUST BE OPEN. We are open to all genres, however submissions detailed below are of particular interest: Dark twisted Drama feel (Pans...
  5. Daniel Llamas

    Hey.... well I love Filmmaking so......

    So my name is Daniel! I'm from WA state but currently living in Cali where I'm currently studying Media & Communication at Christian Life College. I love directing and writing (occasionally I'll act) and hoping to spread my wings and share good quality films while continuing to learn about this...
  6. Gregory Hines

    Writer. Director. Producer.

    Hey, I'm living in SoCal and currently in production of a sci-fi post apocalyptic short film. I am starting film school at the end of November (2014) and look forward to meeting and collaborating with many people from all walks of life. I will be filming my first feature next year and really...

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