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PORG - A Comedy Short

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Pros: Decent Script, mockery of a terrible Star Wars character, sharp focus.
Cons: Not stable, lighting poor, no real film skills shown.
This film could have been much better than it is. I make comedy films myself and can respect a good effort on the script front. It showed a good intent of a story that could have worked. The issues are with the filming itself. If a shot is not stable it is always worth re-shooting. The lighting is unfortunately poor. If it is as over exposed as it is from the window either move or shut the curtains. It could have been good to attempt this in the evening using lights. If these are too expensive then try using builders inspection lamps as they can be bought from DIY shops, or on Amazon for fairly cheap. This feels like it could be a good film if re-shot with some more thought in to it. Maybe some movement on the Porg itself would be good. Keep trying though as it shows good promise for a beginner.
Pros: Nicely focused
Cons: A bit twee
Not a massive fan of the film, but should appeal to younger viewers. Why review a film you're not that keen on? Because I watched it, and although the story didn't resonate with me, the filming and attitude did. Simple shots, but nicely focussed with a shallow depth of field. More importantly, a lesson for all film makers - use what you've got. Practise your craft. Got five minutes to spare, hey, make a film. Films don't need a budget, and the best equipment to use for any film, is the equipment you have. The film will appeal to some, not others, but the attitude, I like.

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