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Pros: Cinematography
Cons: Script
This film is shot very well, as you would expect for a film shot with a Blackmagic Camera (Which, as a student, you are lucky to be able to use). The lighting is good and sound just fine. The only real issues I can spot are with the script. Obviously your strengths are your camera work. The story was stereotypical and not very engaging. I never do horror films as most students tend to do them and when they are shown on the student evening, everyone gets bored when they are seeing 20 or 30 horror films right after each other.
Pros: Acting - Cinematography
Cons: Finishing
hi my Friend. I saw two videos of you. It's nice to have your own style. I congratulate you. this film good also but Its ending is stereotyped. I have to say: this movie is good. I would love to see other movie from you.
you can become to big filmmaker Malaysia. I am hope
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Thank you for the review! Hoping to produce more shorts! :)
Pros: Camera angles are excellent as well as lighting and sound
Cons: plot was rather thin, but it is a typical jump scarer
Who is texting her? Why? And why would you be alone during a thunder storm with no other lights on? I thought this was a well done short film that did exactly what they wanted...I think! Give us a nice cheap jump scare! It was simple enough a premise and actually provided a jump when needed. Played on the genre and effective little film. I thought the lighting, sound effects, and acting were good. Not speaking Malaysian, I was unsure of the text content, but the meaning of the film and intent didn't really need dialogue.
Thank you for the review! Glad you enjoyed it! Much appreciated!

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