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'UnStrung' - (16mm Black and White Short Film)

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Pros: Angles and sound design
Cons: Acoustic guitar mix could be louder
Beautifully done in black and white! Really appreciate the camera angles and no dialogue of the short film. Really captured the idea of the musician behind closed doors. I also got out of it the, "Open Mic" stage set for all to see is a look at in-balance between what you think is fame or fans are suppose to give you. However, I would of liked his guitar playing to be high in volume, higher up in the mix to clearly demonstrate is playing abilities.
Pros: The fact that the actors showed expression instead of actually speaking to one another made me interested in what was next.
Cons: Needed a little underscore scene music.
The introduction could've display the leading up to his performance better in my opinion.

A glance or look at the audience expression would've made his stage fright scene more believable to me.

She Could've looked out onto the stage to try to encourage him. I think that would've made the scene more interesting.

I liked how she seemed to have more confidence in him than he did in himself.

I like how she showed that she still believed in his talent and ability.

I liked how her expressions told me she was with him through it all.

Overall I think it was an excellent short film.
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