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composer for film

  1. Ioana Selaru

    Original music for projects

    Hello everyone, I am a music composer and violinist based in Leeds, UK. I have been studying music since I was 7. I had continuously expanded my musical boundaries by exploring multiple artistic fields. My works often contain unusual combinations of instruments and sounds with the purpose of...
  2. Student Film Composer: Collaborations Portfolio

    Student Film Composer: Collaborations Portfolio

    Hi All I'm a UK-based student composer writing here about my portfolio of film composing and theatre-based experience. I write in a wide variety of styles and try to keep a busy schedule of a range of features to work on. Please have a read, have a listen and message me if you're interested in...
  3. Eugene Seo

    Seeking for a composer for my senior film project!

    Hello everyone! I previously uploaded a post similar to this where I was in search of a composer for my G11 film. Unfortunately, I was on a tight schedule due to the deadline for the submission of my film and had to finish it before I had the chance to receive any of the comments. If you would...
  4. G

    Hello! Composer here!

    Hello! My name is Griffin and I am a composer and producer! I love working in film and I would love to be a part of your project! music is often overlooked when making a short film or student project but it can make all of the difference to have a professional score made just for your film, and...
  5. Eugene Seo

    Seaking composer for a high school student film!

    Hi! My name is Eugene and I am a G11 student filmmaker. I'm currently making a film for my IB film course at school, and I'm in an urgent need for a composer! The film is short (around 3-4 minutes) and my curriculum forbids students to use any music that was not specifically composed for their...
  6. Tommy Graf

    Film Composer

    If you need a composer for you next project. I am here for YOU. I am a musician / film composer from Los Angeles, CA with over 12 years experience with writing, performing and recording original music. Currently I am diving into the composer "World". One of my most notable songs was in the...
  7. Ninichi

    {Hello I'm Ninichi | Experienced Film Composer for Hire}

    Hello everyone! I’m Ninichi, a freelance composer for indie films, animations, games and other media. I can compose in a very wide range of styles – (I’m told I’m incredibly versatile), so do get in touch if you’d like to explore working together! You can visit my website: ninichimusic.com...
  8. Viktor

    Music Composer looking for new friendships :)

    Hello all !! My name is Viktor and im from Macedonia. I'm film/TV/game music composer, with small studio based in my home :) I compose in FL Studio using Kontakt with variety of instruments most of them orchestral. My main instrument is guitar, piano and cello. Some of my work can be heard on my...
  9. Music Doc

    Composer joining the conversation!

    Hello everyone! My name is John Petrucelli and I am a composer of music for film, tv, advertising shorts and podcasts. I also produce pop music, including a recently released album for a band I'm really excited about called Mischievous Minx. I have a background in both classical composition...
  10. Hazel Turnbull

    Hazel Turnbull - Composer

    Hey there, I'm Hazel and I'm new here. I write music for films, TV, video games...you name it! I'm currently working on the soundtrack for Shakespeare's Landlord (www.lilybard.com) and I recently finished up on the poignant short film Seeing Glory, directed by Rick Hamilton. I'm always on...
  11. HEFletcher

    Another new composer looking for first film scoring project

    Hello, my name is Howard Fletcher. I have been privately tutored in music for 16 years and have been actively composing for the past 3-4 years. Recently I decided that I wanted to take my composing one step further and try to share my music with the world, so since a few weeks ago, I have been...
  12. nikolaantonucci

    Composer specializing in dark, creepy scores available for hire

    Hi guys! My name is Niko and I'm looking for a new interesting project to work on. I score anywhere from industrial techno to ambient piano pieces but I mostly specialize in dark, high intensity scores. I am willing to work for credits if no budget. You can check me out on...
  13. holing00

    Composer looking for Collaboration (Check out my recording at London AIR Studios!)

    Hi all, I'm looking to collaborate with filmmakers and write music for their films. Please check out my website for my works: www.tangholing.com Feel free to shoot me a message at tangholing@gmail.com Here's a piece that I recorded at AIR Studios in London: Looking forward to hear from you...
  14. V


    Hello, new group for film composers, feel free to join if you would like to actually practice/learn scoring music to picture with weekly film scoring assignments. This is the perfect place for Film Makers to collaborate with Film Composers on their upcoming projects...
  15. Erik V. Navarro

    A new composer for all your FilmMaking Needs!

    Hello everyone, my name is Erik V. Navarro and i am a Musical Composer. I am currently 18, living in mexico and studying musical composition in the University of Guanajuato. I have given a total of 50 concerts in Mexico at diferent locations such as the Palace of Bellas Artes, The castle of...
  16. Alfonso Barón

    Young filmmaker looking for classically trained composers

    Hi, I'm new to this site. I signed up as I am working on my final student films for university and I am sound recordist/ designer. I am currently working on a drama set in a barbershop where a mysterious bag is dropped off, bringing back dark memories of the barber's past. This film is very much...
  17. Ryan Baker

    Hi I'm Ryan Baker, Audio Engineer and Composer!

    Hi! My name is Ryan Baker and I'm a composer and audio engineer for Buffalo and Mustang Studios, a video production company in Lynchburg Virginia. I write music for all of B&M's productions and I've composed music for several short films. You can hear my music on my SoundCloud here: You...
  18. Benedict Harris

    COMPOSER -professional

    Hi, spent many years meeting deadlines with music for corporate clients for advertising etc now decided to start doing more short films to expand non-corporate work check out my site www.benedictmusic.eu cheers Ben
  19. Alun Taylor

    Royalty Free Music - New Composer.

    Hi all, I'm trying to put together a demo show reel and would be interested in offering free music in exchange for use of your film as part of my show reel. My website is still taking shape so it's a little rough and ready at present but there's a wide selection of styles and far too many...
  20. Ryan J Gillespie

    Australian composer, looking to build up a portfolio

    Hey everyone, My name is Ryan Gillespie and I'm a composer/musician from New South Wales, Australia. I'm really looking forward to collaborating with up and coming talent on this site and to build an impressive portfolio. I would love to compose music for anyone who needs it. Be it for short...

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