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  1. A# - An American Experience

    A# - An American Experience

    This film is dedicated to all those (immigrants) who leave their roots in search of a place that they hope will better serve their needs, whatever they may be..career, personal or professional growth, family needs or simply a better lifestyle. The film sheds light on the struggles, hopes and...
  2. Permanent


    Permanent is a short film that tells the story of Danielle Perry and her struggle to let go of her tumultuous past with her husband Jason Perry (a former football player suffering from manic depression) so that she can move forward with her current boyfriend Adrien Smith (a newly employed...
  3. Live or die

    Live or die

    Director: Sayed Druvo Cinematography: Sayeda Nayim Facebook page: www.facebook.com/fictionframe
  4. Jesse Walton

    Experienced Composer

    Hey! Firstly let me introduce myself, my name is Jesse Walton and I am a 22 year old composer from Lewes, near Brighton (UK). I have studied music for my whole life, and consider myself to be sound in all areas. I am extremely easy to work with and I am always willing to take constructive...
  5. Miles Royal

    Breaking Through - A Short Film

    A short film about distinguishing yourself from what society wants you to be. Please like and subscribe! New coming soon. Feedback greatly appreciated! Music Provided By: Kazuhiko Kinami - Avril 14th by Aphex Twin~a little difficult ver.~ The Theorist - Frank Ocean - Pyramids (Piano Cover) I...
  6. Ross Milner

    Pianist or Violinist Needed for Short-Film

    Experienced 'Pianist' or 'Violinist' wanted! Pianists: I will be needing piano piece(s) with an emotional style. It will need to be in the style of Ludovico Einaudi, or Frederic Chopin. Watch the video below to see what kind of piece I am after. Violinists: Again, it will have to fill an...
  7. Michaelm217

    #Abby - Emotional Short Film

    Hey guys, This is my first short film I've made outside of college, I put it together for a local festival in just under 8 weeks without a budget. Would love some feedback from fellow film makers to help me improve on future projects and always keep moving forward! Appreciate your time, Michael.
  8. Tufan Tas

    Royalty Free Music for Shortfilms & Commercials

    Hi all, Check these tracks for your project; http://audiojungle.net/user/tufantas/portfolio
  9. Aturax

    Composer offering free music (Creative Commons)

    Hi all, I've registered on this site with the intention of helping my music reach a wider audience, whether that be through film, games, etc... Take a listen to some of my music, all I ask is that you credit me where credit is due :) More of my latest compositions can be found here. If...
  10. J

    Cold Calling - A sad story about hopelessness

    A short piece about a man who underachieves, despite being an incredibly talented pianist. Quite touching, very sad and subtly dramatic.