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film music

  1. P

    Composer looking for work! Low cost or free :)

    I'm a young composer currently studying film music at college. I would like to build up my portfolio so I am willing to produce music at a low cost or for free at the moment! Some of my work is up on my Instagram page '@pip_heywood_music' and also on soundcloud 'Pip Heywood' . Please check it...
  2. Using licensed music in film

    Using licensed music in film

    I’ve been doing a bit of research on this the last couple days, so thought I’d share a couple of things I’ve found out with you all (just in case anyone out there is looking into this kind of thing now). When you want to use a song in your film/video (even if it’s your own recording), you need...
  3. From Shakespeare to superheros

    From Shakespeare to superheros

    Last week, I finally got round to recording this song from the 2018 production of Othello in Gillingham, for which I directed, composed and conducted the music. 'The Willow Song' is Desdemona's poignant lament at the anger of her husband. It was praised by the Fine Times Recorder for its ‘aching...
  4. Student Film Composer: Collaborations Portfolio

    Student Film Composer: Collaborations Portfolio

    Hi All I'm a UK-based student composer writing here about my portfolio of film composing and theatre-based experience. I write in a wide variety of styles and try to keep a busy schedule of a range of features to work on. Please have a read, have a listen and message me if you're interested in...
  5. John Theodore

    Need music for your film?

    Hey there! I've had fun working with a few student directors from this forum in the past, and am looking for my next collaboration. I love writing orchestral scores, but am also a huge fan of hybrid/minimalistic approaches. If you're looking for an experienced composer, please feel free to get...
  6. kscottdavis

    Experienced artist/composer looking to build film score reel

    Hello, My name is Kevin and I have been recording artist for some years (Glowworm, Beta Cicadae, Pacific UV). See creds and hear music at www.kevinscottdavis.net. My music has been licensed in a few films and TV shows (including HBO's Californication) but I am now looking to build my demo reel...
  7. nikolaantonucci

    Composer specializing in dark, creepy scores available for hire

    Hi guys! My name is Niko and I'm looking for a new interesting project to work on. I score anywhere from industrial techno to ambient piano pieces but I mostly specialize in dark, high intensity scores. I am willing to work for credits if no budget. You can check me out on...
  8. Roman Falkenstein

    Composer is looking for a positive movie

    Hi all, I am film composer from Latvia. I am positive person and I like comedies and all other types of a positive films. Here is my showreel: and my website: www.rfmusic.lv If you need music for your positive project - feel free to ask me. Let's be optimists :)
  9. Would love to be in Indie Film - Introduction - Tracks

    Would love to be in Indie Film - Introduction - Tracks

    Hi there, I am a new Berklee grad and am looking for opportunities with film students. I would love to have have some tracks used in indie films and could actively promote as well. I have some tracks (that are not already in use) on my Soundcloud and would love if you could have a listen and see...
  10. M

    Composer wanted for student animation

    Hi there, I'm currently 3 weeks away from completion of my final year animation and I'm in need of a composer. The film is intended to have a political message, but the style is very cartoony, so I want something along the lines of the music used in cartoons like 'Looney Tunes' but with a darker...
  11. Juugo Vitz

    Experienced and established soundtrack composer for films, trailers and games

    I'm a professional composer for films, trailers and games with over 6 years experience. I'm versatile and experienced in composing a wide variety of styles for games, films or high impact trailer music. I'm also a multi instrumentalist for acoustic work too. soundcloud.com/juugo-vitz...
  12. Andi Rock

    Multi-Genre Composer Looking For Projects - Royalty Free Music Available

    I play Piano / Keyboars / Guitar / Bass Guitar and work in a variety of styles including Orchestral, Electronic, Rock, Pop, Jazz, R&B, Soul, Funk, and more. I have royalty free non-exclusive music available at https://www.pond5.com/artist/andirockmusic and am also available for custom jobs...
  13. D

    Experienced Composers Looking For "The One"

    Experienced film composers looking to form lasting working partnerships with filmmakers. Work we have completed has featured in the ASCAP Spotlight at Sundance: ascap.com/eventsawards/events/sundance/2014/composers/david-and-jack.aspx We are happy to consider unpaid work if it's a project we...
  14. RimoMusic

    Looking for Royalty Free Music?

    If you're looking for music for your project, please visit me on http://audiojungle.net/user/rimomusic/portfolio?ref=RimoMusic If you want custom-made music please contact me on rikard@rimomusic.com Good Luck with your projects! :)
  15. Kiran Dhoot

    Kiran Dhoot- Experienced Composer

    Dear Filmmakers, Directors, Writers, Producers, Actors, and of course, Musicians who want to collaborate, My passion lies in composing music for film. I have scored multiple short films and have been reserved for one upcoming feature and recommended for another. One of the scores I wrote...
  16. Sweet Kenny

    Happy To Meet You All

    Hello everyone!, It's nice to meet you all today, my name is Ken Sutton, I'm a composer/songwriter and am looking forward to working with some of you or all of you if you like. if you would like to know more about me you can do so at my website http://www.sweetkenny.com I have attached a "...
  17. Sean O'Hanlon

    Versatile composer available for student films

    Hey, I am a composer looking to create music for students films. I am currently building my portfolio and looking to work with like minded creative people and create a film score that's right for the project. I have experience as a performer and composer in many different musical styles, so I...
  18. Marc v/d Meulen

    To Those Looking For Music For Their Film...

    Hi Filmmakers, Are you looking for an orginal score for your movie? My name is Marc v/d Meulen and I am a film music composer. If you're interested, please visit my webpage made especially for you guys to get to know me and my work: marcvdmeulen.com/filmmusic.html I look forward to hearing...
  19. Leeds College of Music

    Film Music Summer School - Leeds UK

    Hello composers! Are you interested in attending a five-day Film Music summer school with three expert tutors? This course will focus on composition, orchestration, musical awareness and production, with lectures on the conceptualisation and creation of music for the moving image and practical...
  20. garleth

    My introduction

    Hi my name is Carlo, I'm italian and I have 21 years old. I study film music in my country and I'm here to find some shortfilm to score,so to do some experience. I'd like also to compare to other composer to improme myself.