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  1. Living on the Hedge

    Living on the Hedge

    The winner of the Reel Abrupt Film Festival. The Man. The Myth. The Legend. This is the story of Richie, a grandpa finding fulfilment in the simplest of life's pleasures. Film created & produced by Zac Devine & Luka Cinnamond (LuiV'Don) with special thanks to Yasmina Bowden, Jake Lapham &...
  2. You're Beautiful

    You're Beautiful

    This short film is about how the words that someone say can change a person. They may lead him or prevent him from doing acts like these. Always be careful of what you say to someone, even if it is for fun. Credits and copyrights of the script goes to the owner, Paul Myzia.
  3. One Of Us

    One Of Us

  4. Franky and Fannie

    Franky and Fannie

    This film was shot in 5 days over the summer of 2016. My film mentor challenged me to do a comedy because I had never done one before. Hope you enjoy the film!
  5. Dear Radhika

    Dear Radhika

    Sravan is excited to meet his first and true love on valentine's day after a long gap. Find out who it is!
  6. What If

    What If

    A couple can reach a point when their relationship becomes.. Stagnant; when both mutually understand that they're coming to an end... Written, Directed, Cinematography, and Edited by Eugene Chan Featuring: Adrian Dryden Jessica Chan Music: ECHOES IN EMPTY from Colossal Trailer Music’s album...
  7. This Is Where

    This Is Where

    When we look back at a past relationship... Why should we only look at the memories that left us scars? Three locations represent the different stages of a relationship and show what we feel during those particular moments. Written and Directed by Eugene Chan Featuring: Eugene Chan Sabrina...
  8. A

    Looking for Key Costumer & Production Sound Mixer/Boom Operator in LA

    Key Costumer & Production Sound Mixer/Boom Operator needed! A production for LMU School of Film & Television MFA student. The film is called "Rewind". A drama about a watchmaker who travels back in time to find out the mystery behind his wife's death. You can check out some links of our...
  9. Samuel Ashurov

    Chasing Dreams

  10. Taylor Buckley

    The Price of Love

    Check the video out on Vimeo for higher quality:
  11. You Said You Loved Me

    You Said You Loved Me

    "You Said You Loved Me" explores how social media is affecting our relationship with people, especially with our loved ones. In a relationship, shouldn't we keep the sweet and unforgettable memories to ourselves.. Rather than sharing it with others? Written and Directed by Eugene Chan...
  12. Riley Amber

    Actors/Actresses Needed For Festival Movie Near Charlottesville, VA

    This project is unpaid. We have an extremely low budget, and it's possibly going to a festival if we do well. We need people in their teens. Please email: SophrosyneBourne@Gmail.comif you are in the area and are interested.
  13. C


    A romantic encounter between two snails. Sadly, it takes place in an unfortunate location.
  14. C

    An Engagement on the 'big screen'

    Dear film students, film fans, amateur film makers, and one and all, Allow me to be truthful in this first sentence, I am not, nor ever have been or ever will study the art(s) of film making and film production. I come to you and this forum as a twenty six year old garage forecourt assistant...
  15. P

    Love lasts only 1 frame (Bulgarian short film)

    Here's a link to my 2nd short film. I finished it today and i would like to get some feedback about the good and the bad stuff i have made in it.
  16. M

    Dream Girl

    A short story about Average Joe meeting a girl of his dreams in his dreams... Please leave your comments! :)
  17. Marco Luca

    Pluto | Pluto is reduced to being a powerless spectator of everyone else lives

    Pluto is a bittersweet love story about Pedro, a young artist who dedicates his wall pictures in an abandoned market to the girl of his dreams, Silvia. However, Silvia is Pedro’s relentless older brother’s girlfriend. The only thing Pedro can do is spy on them sneaking through Plutos’ eyes, a...
  18. MiniMovieTheater

    Always Love

    http://www.minimovietheater.com/index.php?page=videos&section=view&vid_id=100114 The story revolves around a song by ‘Nada surf’, An American alternative rock band, About a man so absorbed in his worldly worries that he often takes the smallest things for granted. But a little street puppy...
  19. Marco Luca

    Epoch - An epic journey through history of battle and love

    Epoch is an incredible journey through time presented with an exceptionally epic and emotional visual experience. Ram and Luna, two ancient souls who exist throughout the history of civilization, experiencing the world through other peoples' minds and bodies. Their union helps to create order...
  20. AmbitiousYF

    Ambitious Actress

    Hey Wicked People, I'm an ambitious Actress that has a love affair with film. I enjoy the stage but Film is therapy, so naturally, I'm in love it. Just wanted to say hello to all the filmmakers, writers, directors on here that continues to go after their passions. Without you, this actor is...