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  1. francescoberta

    Free score (short movie) in exchange of an IMDB credit

    Hey, My name's Francesco, I'm an artist and music composer currently working in London. I have a window of time this February and March and since I'm looking to expand my IMDB credits, I'd like to do a small pro bono work in exchange of a credit as a music composer. So if you're a director and...
  2. O

    Looking for composer of action-movie music!

    Hello! I'm a 18 year old student from Sweden. I'm making a final project to finish my education. In february I'm going to make a short action-movie. It'll be around 7 minutes long, and I'm looking for someone who would like to compose the music. As I said, it's an action-movie, so the music...
  3. Luc 144

    Student Filmmaker Awards Vote

    My last short film, 'Modern Mimes', is currently competing in the Student Filmmaker Awards Audience Choice competition. It is a vote based competition pitting short films against each other. Follow the below link to check out 'Modern Mimes' and show some support with a vote. Feedback is always...
  4. J

    Score for a Noir-ish Short needed

    I'm currently working on a student short film that will run around 3-5 minutes. The film tells the story of a Hitman who's perspective is changed after the birth of his child. Stylistically, it emulates Film Noir elements in a short drama. Since this is a student film made on practically no...
  5. Ross Milner

    Pianist or Violinist Needed for Short-Film

    Experienced 'Pianist' or 'Violinist' wanted! Pianists: I will be needing piano piece(s) with an emotional style. It will need to be in the style of Ludovico Einaudi, or Frederic Chopin. Watch the video below to see what kind of piece I am after. Violinists: Again, it will have to fill an...
  6. K

    Producer Needed For Short Set in Thailand.

    Hey there, We're looking for a Thai producer to co-produce a short film, set in Thailand, with an Australian producer. Logline - Living in modern day slavery, six year old May, must comprehend why her life is different from other children's in order to survive. Would love to hear from you if...
  7. Can I Score Your Film?

    Can I Score Your Film?

    Contact us for your next film! -->http://www.caniscoreyourfilm.com We create original music for film/short film, documentaries, TV, web series and multimedia. We offer Master quality professional sounding demos and music tracks at a price that everyone can afford. With extensive backgrounds in...
  8. T&T-Production

    The Gruffin - From the Shadow of Mars

    Hey guys, check out "The Gruffin - From the Shadow of Mars" the second episode of our really funny/crazy mini-web-series, following the adventures of main character Dr. G. A. Grigorski, a crazy scientist... We're very happy about any kind of feedback, so feel free! Cheers, T&T-Production
  9. RS Productions

    Operation K - Short Film

    Just a short film we made in the holidays Would love to hear your feedback
  10. RS Productions

    Freedom - Short Film

    This is our short film for the Indian Film Festival Love to hear your thoughts
  11. TomE


    A team of explorers travel to ancient mayan grounds to discover artifacts. But what they find was never meant to be found. Enjoy !
  12. RS Productions

    The Night before the Exam - Short Film

    What is your perception of what happened? Who is the intruder? Where is the Intruder?
  13. M

    Actors needed for a doctor who remake

    We are currently 2nd year students at the university of Gloucestershire and for our degree we have to reproduce a scene from the episode of doctor who where the hospital ends up on the moon. We need actors to cast in this. It is pretty much anything goes as you will not be getting paid, but a...
  14. N

    BOOYAKA (2014) First quarter film student production!

    Hello! My friends and I filmed this video in one day for school. It'd be sweet to hear any feedback, criticisms, or comments. Thanks for watching!
  15. backstage films

    NEED ACTORS for upcoming short film.

    Project "I'LL GET YOU" (title in progress) Ai Backstage Films. Miami International University of Art & Design. We need 3 guys and one girl for a high school setting. location: miami, FL It's a horror short and the girl needs to be able to cry and act traumatized. LOG-LINE: Two high school...
  16. M

    Film shot by ONE GUY

    My name is Max Normandin, and I've ALWAYS wanted to be a filmmaker. The problem is, I suffer from panick attacks and a pretty severe case of social phobia. I don't get out of my house often, and I certainly don't surround myself with people. Which makes it pretty darn hard to make movies...
  17. lastminutetwists

    LMT calls for entries: 1 minute short film competition

    Hi there! LAST MINUTE TWISTS will be the first-ever 'social made' webseries, an ongoing web series filmed by directors from all over the world. Episodes will be out weekly, starting from October 16th 2014. Each episode will be directed by a different filmmaker, it will last about one minute...
  18. Not-man

    A film to make your hairs stand up when it ends!

    The Dharma Bum: Portrait of a Cynic in LA Universe Multicultural Film Festival Official Selection
  19. Z

    The Kubrick's Cube

    Please let us know what you think about our latest short film! Thanks!!
  20. I

    Delusion (A Short Film)

    He guys, I was hoping I could get some feedback on my new short film called "Delusion". It would really help me out! Greetz, Ivo