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  1. Rean Combrinck

    Fred and Piccoli (the demented clown that makes a friend)

    A project I did that started as something for university, but ended up separate. A demented clown makes a friend in his little world of dystopian fantasies. Enjoy! (if you have the nerve ;P)
  2. Rean Combrinck

    The Matrix - SWEDED! :D

    I take it you guys know what it is to 'swede' a film. If not, read here: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=sweded Recently me and a few friends did a swede of The Matrix at a 'Guerrilla' film day. We had 7 hours to plan , shoot and edit. Enjoy! :) Note: Some minor pop-culture...
  3. Christian Kragh

    Composer looking to score student film / short film for portfolio

    Hello, I'm interested in producing the original score for a student film or a short film. I am a musician, composer, producer and a guitarist; I create stock audio and have 2 solo projects. I like to work with orchestral stringed instruments, piano, atmospheric/moody pads/sounds, and really...
  4. K

    The 19th Question

    A couple go out on a first date when it is discovered that the girl has a peculiar phobia.
  5. Marco Luca

    The Strange Death of Harry Stanley

    Starting with on-screen text that states “This film is a pack of lies”, Director Jeremiah Quinn brings into relief that it is anything but. By drawing a line between cinema and reality, he assures the viewer that despite the use of actors and other devices used in this portrayal, “I will tell...
  6. Papion

    LadyPayne - Directed By Papion (HD)

    LadyPayne - Directed By Papion (HD) Do you know the biggest difference between life and the sky ??? The Sky Doesn´t belong to Anyone, But life its Yours. So Never Stop Believing, You can reach beyond. Please select 1080p to see in HD.Thank you !!!
  7. Marco Luca

    X Y Z - Visual poem about a graphic artist’s struggle to keep himself from being lost

    Films are all about executions of ideas. All ideas might sound great in a writer’s head, but if the director has difficulties executing it to the screen, the idea loses all it’s motive. For X Y Z, directors Carles Chiner & Antoni Sendra thought large with a small idea, but created a wonderful...
  8. Marco Luca

    his Is Vanity - A shocking and touching award winning film - now available online

    Magnolia Film Festival in the US, and the Audience Award at the Bermuda International Film Festival. It has also been selected at 6 international film festivals. Beginning with a shock, This is Vanity rewinds, taking us through a postmortem of a mother’s exasperation with the ineffectual local...
  9. K

    Plunged - Crazy demon baby Short

    Hello there, I'd to share my latest short with this community. I'm aware that there are many problems with it and hopefully you can give me some tips on what I could have done better. And I 'd gladly do the same. Thank You
  10. E

    The Brute Killer (featuring a 10 ft tall alien creature)

    Hi everyone, Please check out my thesis film The Brute Killer and let me know what you think. It's a fantasy/sci-fi drama exploring the nature of hate, and the lasting effect it an have even after it's gone. Shot on the Red One, it features a ten foot tall alien as well as beautiful footage...
  11. T

    short experimental horror

    What do you think?
  12. Daniel Cumming

    Just Getting Started Need Some Insight

    Hi, My name is Daniel and I live in Houston and I am currently enrolled in Lamar Hight School. I started making short little movies once I discovered I could make them on my mac. I had had no video editing experience or not even a class on movies or film editing. So I made stop motion films...