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  1. Ross Mulholland

    Amnesia (Short Post Apocalyptic Film)

    Hey guys i'm new to this and film making and i was wondering if you'd check out my first Short film Amnesia and if you could also like and Sub on Youtube , that'd be great too :) It's a post apocalyptic movie, i had no budget thanks, enjoy :)
  2. arhachey

    Indie-Rock/Folk/Experimentation Composer Available

    Hello, I am really interested in scoring a film! I play a few instruments (guitar, keyboard, bass guitar, pan flute, some violin, some percussion) and self-record/produce all of my music. I guess I have been dabbling mostly in folk recently, but I can create music in several genres and I...
  3. M

    Composer available for your projects!

    Composer with classical training, eclectic tastes and great cinematic sensibilities available to score your films, promotional materials and other visual media. Orchestral, synth, whatever you need. For music samples and contact info please visit my website www.morganpearse.com . Drop me a line...
  4. Trevor Clifford

    Woods Baseball - Comedy Short Film

    Hey guys, we are a group of filmmakers that are recent graduates of the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, please enjoy our first film out of school, Woods Baseball! Criticism welcome! "The great American past time, meets the great American outdoors." WOODS BASEBALL is the latest comedy...
  5. Rean Combrinck


    http://www.creativedistrict.com/#/project/760/ Hi from Sunny South Africa! We're Rean and Jean Pierre. We are both final year BA Film students in South Africa, and instead of setting out to make a horror or action flick this year we decided early on that we were going use this opportunity to...
  6. Q

    One Door Down

  7. C

    Canadian Invasion (Action-Comedy)

    Prelude: In 1960, the Prime Minister of Canada, John Diefenbaker recalled the Canadian U.S. Ambassador after being angered by President Kennedy. Canada began to look for foreign allies to help exact its revenge against the United States. The USSR quickly volunteered.Canada drafted a military...
  8. BobbyTannock

    The Screaming Tunnel - Short horror Film

    An adaption of the urban legend of the screaming tunnel, this was my groups submission for our cinematography course. I was lighting and editor on the film. Feedback appreciated I hope you enjoy!
  9. MiniMovieTheater

    "Sex on the Beach" - Winner CENFLO Best Foreign Project!

    http://www.minimovietheater.com/index.php?page=videos&section=view&vid_id=100122 "Sex on the Beach" - Winner Central Florida Film Festival (CENFLO) Best Foreign Project! A man wakes up on a beach and has to convince his girlfriend nothing's happened... but has no memory of the night before...
  10. fabioalves

    SCHIFFER | Short Film

    Hey guys I am new here ( and on the indie film making industry ) it has been 4 years since I first started shooting video and now I decided to make a short film after making loads of action/sports videos, music videos and stuff i decided to try out a short film that i wrote with my girlfriend...


    So we started our site, www.surprisesurprisefilms.com, in hope of getting a bunch of filmmakers (of varying degrees of experience) participating and making all kinds of films to exercise their creativity and hone their filmmaking skills... BUT the responses, thus far, have been minimal... We...

    WIN $25! SURPRISE SURPRISE Film Challenge: Week 4

    For this week's challenge, make a 30 second film that includes the word "surprise." The audience award winner will receive a prize of a $25 Amazon gift card. In the meantime, check out last week's films and vote for your favorite! www.surprisesurprisefilms.com
  13. MiniMovieTheater

    MiniMovieTheater - Post and Watch Short Film for FREE

    FREE YOUR FILM! Upload and Share your Short Film on MiniMovieTheater Free to Join, Free to Upload, Free to Watch! www.MiniMovieTheater.com – Video streaming dedicated to Short Films and their Filmmakers Click Here, or follow this link...
  14. C

    Short Violent Crime Comedy

    Hey guys! Just finished up a new film and wanted to hear some input from people other than my friends and family, as you know they are slightly biased. So here's the link! Tell me what you think!

    SURPRISE SURPRISE Film Challenge: Week 3

    Check out our most recent films, vote for your favorite, and then get started on this week's 2 minute challenge! www.surprisesurprisefilms.com

    SURPRISE SURPRISE Film Challenge: Week 2

    Check out the films from week 1 and vote for your favorite: http://www.surprisesurprisefilms.com/archive/ Week 2: This week, all films must be exactly 1 minute and 30 seconds in length and should include some reference to an imaginary/invisible friend; besides that, it can take place...
  17. Paul Brook

    Chop Rip Eat Sleep (2013) - A Short Film [ by Paul Brook ]

    A short film about a family coming together during the festive season. The family is spread out across the United Kingdom, but they come together in Yorkshire for Christmas day to enjoy food, gifts and each other. A film by Paul Brook Running Time: 02:08 Genre: Family / Documentary Camera...
  18. MiniMovieTheater

    Triangle - Short Film

    http://www.minimovietheater.com/index.php?page=videos&section=view&vid_id=100110 Paige is a victim of domestic violence. One day while running errands, Paige bumps into Kyle and he charms her into having an affair. Confused and thinking irrationally, Paige agrees to a plan that will end her...
  19. Marco Luca

    Hundreds of short trailers to get inspired by, and submit your own!

    We love trailers, and we curate the best short trailers online to make your job easier in filtering and choosing the shorts you wish to watch. Come find your inspiration and submit your own! http://filmshortage.com/short-trailers/

    SURPRISE SURPRISE Film Challenge

    Hello! With film appreciation and progression in mind, we are just looking to spread the word on a new experiment in film that we’ve just initiated, SURPRISE SURPRISE Film Challenge, Creation, & Curation. The aim of the game is simple: your film must be exactly the time length given and it...

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