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  1. heyitsj

    Enter Adobe's Newest Film Competition Hack To School!

    So you've got a life hack you've picked up since you got to college but you haven't had an opportunity to share it? Here's your chance! Hack To School is looking for the best college tips, tricks, how-tos, hacks, whatever you wanna call them. There are no categories, so anything (that's PG)...
  2. Finless


    FULL DOCUMENTARY: A skimboarding documentary. Since the creation of skimboarding in the 1960’s, it has yet to be seen as a competitive sport. From dropping a board on the shore of the beach to wrapping a wave and riding it as if surfing, the sport has more to it than most would think.
  3. Working Title

    Working Title

    Directed By Cormac Moore Written By Cormac Moore Produced by Dermot Boyle DOP Matthew De Barra
  4. The Doll

    The Doll

    The Doll (Axis Video) When a woman goes through the painstaking heartbreak of delivering a stillborn child...she does what she feels best. For more terror in the written form: www.facebook.com/La-Morte-Piu-Bella-series-968240903223264 Production company page: www.facebook.com/AxisVideo


    All filmed on location in New Hampshire
  6. R.I.P.


  7. Trace


    Student animation made as a senior capstone project at Pratt Institute.
  8. Hyo Bin Kang

    URGENT!! Composer needed for a Student Short Animated Film

    Hi, I need a composer urgently to help me with my student short animated film, the festival deadlines are approaching and I obviously can't use Avicii's music :( Please help me! Contact me via email! - kang41121@gmail.com Thank you!
  9. alanpower

    Screenplays needed to be given away

    Hello everyone, I have posted on numerous sites before trying to give away short scripts of mine for free, money, I don't care. I just really want them made by anyone who wants to make a film and needs any type of screenplay. I was told plenty of times that my question of asking whether anyone...
  10. alanpower


    Hi I'm Alan and I am a young film maker just nearly finished school. If anyone would like to check out my films you can see them here at - https://www.youtube.com/user/AlanMartinPower Thank you.
  11. Preston hashagen

    Howdy ho!

    hey guys. I'm newer to the film game but figured I'd check out some forums to find other people like myself and maybe some people to work/collaborate with on future projects. I'll be hanging out here and checking out some short films and such so if you'd like to see anything I've done, you can...
  12. A

    Looking for a composer for a short film titled "Until The End"

    Hi, We are making a student film for Sydney Film School and need music. Here's the synopsis for the film(currently in pre-production): Deserted by her parents, 13-year-old Sarah encounters an aged man who is like an angel sent from above, her grief subdues as he attempts to soothe her pain...
  13. J


    Hey everyone I recently read a script for a short film titled "Unimaginable" it was one of the best short film scripts I have ever read. The creator is from a production team called The Argonauts check out their youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTCCf81MA7njYFmPP9gq0Ag If you...
  14. Miguel Delgadillo

    Wanted Composer for Psychological Drama

    Hi everyone, My name is Miguel Delgadillo, writer and director of 'The Serpent,' a psychological drama about a recovering drug addict as he struggles to remain sober while facing past demons through his art. Link: vimeo.com/151215453 The password to the attached 4 minute excerpt is: $3rp3nt I'm...
  15. R. Reads

    Multi-skilled Composer

    Greetings, I'm Rebecca Reads, musician/composer/voice-actress and am really excited to be here on Studentfilms.com. My creative skills include professional voice-over, music composing, or both. I'm usually available 18 hours a day and am happy to spend many hours brainstorming with you. Tell...
  16. Mark Bauer

    Call for Entries: 2016 Tally Shorts Film Festival

    The 4th annual Tally Shorts Film Festival is looking for top-notch short films! We strive to provide our audience with a wide collection of films, which is why we love shorts! There is no better way to experience a fantastic variety of film than with a great selection of shorts all brought...
  17. BenH08

    AHS Aquinas - Teaser 1 (Bloody Mess)

    Hey guys... this is my first post so plz be nice! For my multimedia major work tis year i am making a short film and because i am a MASSIVE American horror story fan i wanted to make my own version set in my school we started filming today and i have uploaded the first teaser of the film. if...
  18. Manuel F.

    Music composer available for your Epic/Sci fi/Drama/horror/comedy project

    Hello guys, I'm an italian composer. I compose every genre of music: theme song, trailer music, soundtrack for drama/horror/action film, ambient music for documentary or videogames. I'm looking for new professional experiences. If you like my music and want to work with me, feel free to contact me
  19. BernardezMedia

    For the month of July...free audio editing!

    For the month of July, we are offering full, professional, free audio editing for your short film! No ifs or buts; only quality results. This includes: -Audio restoration -Foley/ADR -Dialogue and SFX editing and mixing -Mastering If you are interested, what are you waiting for? There's only a...
  20. F

    FEST - Training Ground 2015

    FEST – Training Ground is the educational section of FEST New directors | New Films Festival in Espinho, Portugal, and it will occur parallel to the festival itself, between the 23rd and the 28th of June. FEST – Training Ground consists of a series of workshops and masterclasses presented by...