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  1. Chris W

    User Blogs are now added to the site!

    We've just launched the ability to create User Blogs on the site.... so if you are a Composer or Student Filmmaker and would like to create your own Blog and page on Studentfilms.com... well now you can. :) So you want to have a personal blog on Studentfilms.com... how do you do that? Create...
  2. Chris W

    Congratulations to "A Thief's Remorse" by BenjaminW for winning the April Film Contest

    A Thief's Remorse Congratulations to @BenjaminW for winning the "One Shot" Kurasawa Contest with his film A Thief's Remorse. Great film. Everyone should watch it. A big thank you as well goes to @Steven who submitted りんご. (What does that translate to?) The prize will be sent out soon...
  3. Chris W

    New Forum Design

    As you have probably already noticed the site is using a new design which I quite like. More customization will be coming... mainly icons for each forum node as it is on our other site FilmSchool.org. I hope you like the changes.
  4. Chris W

    $50 Film Contest of the Month - April 2015 - "Kurosawa One Shot"

    The $50 contests on Studentfilms.com will now be a monthly affair. Each contest will have their own theme. Each film submitted to the contest must be originally made for the contest. To ensure this... the themes are going to start getting pretty specific. :) Now I know $50 isn't a lot of money...
  5. Chris W

    Congratulations to "Burden of Guilt" by BlueBand Films for winning the Interrogation Contest!!

    Well the votes have finally been tallied and I'd like to congratulate @BlueBand Films and their film "Burden of Guilt" for winning the Interrogation Contest. It was a close contest between it and @SaltedSnake Entertainment 's "The Last Laugh". I will send the award out shortly. What does...
  6. Chris W

    NEW "Most Viewed Films" & "Best Reviewed Films" on home page

    Can your film get to the top of our "Best Reviewed" and "Most Viewed" lists? The lists on the homepage are back! They were there on the really old version of the site and I'm really happy to have them back. We love seeing your films on Studentfilms.com. Please continue to submit them to get...
  7. Chris W

    Film Contest $50 PRIZE: The Interrogation DEADLINE March 8th, 2015

    Announcing the new Studentfilms.com Film Contest. "The Interrogation" The rules would be the same as the last contest: The film must in some way be about "an interrogation". There needs to be a clear beginning, middle, and end and a story. The film must be original. It must be 3 minutes or...
  8. Chris W

    What should the theme of the next Film Contest be?

    What should the theme of the next Studentfilms.com Film Contest be? The rules would be the same as the last contest: The film must in some way be about the theme of the contest. There needs to be a clear beginning, middle, and end and a story. The film must be original. It must be 3 minutes...
  9. Chris W

    Congratulations to Daniel Llamas and his film "Give - An FBNW Holiday Film"

    With an average review score of 4.22 at midnight PST last night the winner of the contest is "Give - An FBNW Holiday Film". Congratulations! The runner up was "Christmas Crisis" by Ben Schmidt. Great films everyone! I do think we'll be choosing winners differently the next time we do a...
  10. Chris W

    Time to vote for Christmas Contest winner!

    The seven films have been submitted... now it is time to vote for the winner. The film with the highest review rating and most likes will be declared the winner. No cheating please. The final count will be tabulated on midnight of January 4th. The winner will receive a $100 gift certificate to...
  11. Chris W

    So what filmmaking toys did everyone get?

    So what filmmaking toys did everyone get for Christmas? Nothing for me. I do drool over one of those Gyro GoPro drones but I really have no real NEED for one. :) They're just super cool? So what did you get? Anything cool? Please share here! And post any footage you take with it too.
  12. Chris W

    Christmas Film Contest 2014 - $100 & $50 prize

  13. Chris W

    Christmas Film Contest 2014 - $100 & $50 prize

    I thought it'd be fun to have another film contest on the site so I'm announcing the Christmas Contest of 2014. The winner will get a $100 Amazon gift card of the virtual sort. The composer who has his original music featured in the winning film will also get a $50 Amazon gift card. The rules...
  14. Chris W

    Another AWESOME new feature: Live Updating

    Thanks to my brand new server I get to install a bunch of toys. This one is already a favorite new feature and will make the site much easier to use. Now when you get a notification - such as there's an update to a thread you've been watching, someone replied to your thread, liked your thread...
  15. Chris W

    Studentfilms.com is now on a super fast SSD VPS server

    No more shared server. All SSD so everything should be MUCH faster. The coolest new feature that this allows is that I can add a special plugin that lets you search for two or three letter words (you couldn't before) which is very useful when you want to search for USC, NYU, or BU!!! That...
  16. Chris W

    Studentfilms.com is splitting into two sites sometime this week

    Just a quick heads up to everyone... I've acquired a film school related domain name and all of the forum threads and topics in the film school section of the site (these threads: http://www.studentfilms.com/forums/#film-school-forums.6) will be moving to that film school related domain name...
  17. Chris W

    New Login with Facebook feature

    I just added a feature that allows you to log into and/or register with Studentfilms.com using your Facebook account. I've tested it and it seems to be working. Give it a shot and use it and let me know if it is working for you. http://www.studentfilms.com/register
  18. Chris W

    Add your film to the new "Short Film" section

    Add your film to the new "Short Film" section and it can be rated and reviewed much more easily on the site. It's a new feature and I hope everyone enjoys it!
  19. Chris W

    Studentfilms.com is going back to it's roots! You can now add films directly on the site.

    After many years it is now possible again to add, rate, and comment on films directly on Studentfilms.com again. Using the new XenForo Media Gallery I've added back the capability to add films to the site. You no longer have to post your films in the forums which was a rather clumsy solution...
  20. Chris W

    Various Site Updates that you should know about. READ THIS! :)

    Some more improvements to the site were made today: New Ratings system. A new rating system has added where you can rate posts in many different ways. Such as "Agree"... "Disagree" ... funny etc. Use this menu to add them: By giving ratings it'll increase the engagement on the forum and...