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  1. Hyo Bin Kang

    URGENT!! Composer needed for a Student Short Animated Film

    Hi, I need a composer urgently to help me with my student short animated film, the festival deadlines are approaching and I obviously can't use Avicii's music :( Please help me! Contact me via email! - kang41121@gmail.com Thank you!
  2. A

    Check out these short student films

    Hey there everyone. I made these films and just like to know what you think or if you just want to watch them, watch them! I don't mind. Check them all out and enjoy yourself! Here's a link to my Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/AlanMartinPower
  3. C

    3D artist looking for composer and hard effect editor for school thesis

    Hi, guys! I'm new to this forum and so exited to build connections with people here!! :) I am currently a senior at School of Visual Arts. My major is Computer Animation and I'm looking for composer and hard effect editor for my senior thesis. As I am a student right now, the payment is a...
  4. Ruan Lotter

    PG Barbie Stop Motion - Keeping Up With The Koekemoers

    Heya all - Keeping Up With The Koekemoers is a South African, Barbie stop motion web series - We are currently on Episode number 2! Have a look and feel free to let us know what you think! Thanks for watching :)
  5. SamKing

    Raunchy Animated Short looking for Sound Designer/Composer

    Hello! I'm a 3rd student animator from sydney aus. My current project is a short stopmo film called The Summoning. I can only describe it as a 40 second dick joke where a succubus summons the wrong type of prick. (It's completely PG if you're worried) The deadline has been extended 1 week...
  6. JacobCook

    Howdy! Sound Designer/Sound Editor here

    Hey folks! I am a freelance sound editor/sound designer getting ready to wrap up my final year of schooling. Any other sound designers lurking on this forum? I am looking for a single short project to work on that I can use as a sound editorial/mixing case study for my senior project. If you...
  7. H

    Submit your Horror Animation to us -- a mini film fest hosted by students!

    We are a group of students from the University of Hong Kong (HKU). We are currently taking a comparative literature class named "New cinema across National boundaries". This is an experimental learning course and we are asked to host a mini film festival, mostly for the campus audience. This is...
  8. R

    Hi Guys

    Myself and three fellow audio students are looking to collaborate with budding film producers/directors on a short film/animation project. We would like to record, edit and design sound for the production (5-10 mins or so). There will be a crew of 3 people, consisting of Boom operators and...
  9. B

    Canadian Voice Talent talks about working in the industry

    On this week’s Podcast, Animated Grit sits down with Canadian Voice Talents Simon Hill, Asia Mattu and Bethany Brown. If you're interested in Voice acting, or insight of what it's like working in Vancouver and the industry, Subscribe. http://bit.ly/1FrxTfY
  10. B

    Animated Grit: Podcast by Industry Pros offering advice and tips to get a job

    Animated Grit is a podcast where industry professionals talk about animation, the industry, and offer advice to people trying to get into the Animation Industry. We welcome any and all questions. We will answer questions that are sent to us via, Twitter. Send us your questions and/or topics you...
  11. Can I Score Your Film?

    Can I Score Your Film?

    Contact us for your next film! -->http://www.caniscoreyourfilm.com We create original music for film/short film, documentaries, TV, web series and multimedia. We offer Master quality professional sounding demos and music tracks at a price that everyone can afford. With extensive backgrounds in...
  12. Johannes S

    The Only Cure

    Good Morning Guys! You are herewith presented with: >>The Only Cure<< and I've been working on it for quite a long time now. Most of the Modeling and Scenery is done and all of it in blender of course. Thank you for comments! Follow this Project on Facebook: THE ONLY CURE FACEBOOK PS: In...
  13. P

    pmG gives $30 chance to get their $1195 CG software through DareToShare Challenge

    pmG is doing a "DareToShare" Challenge experiment for students, recent grads, teachers, schools, training centers, hobbyists, starving artists, the unemployed, and the underemployed, allowing them to get their award winning $1195 animation and rendering software, messiahStudio6 Pro, for the...
  14. Jonny_animator

    Looking for a female voiceover.

    I have a small voice over part that i need doing for a short animation im currently doing. I need a female with a young and light voice, if you could do a groggy old voice too (heavy smokers voice) that would be great. Unfortunately i couldn't pay but you will get exposure from the film...
  15. gawrsh

    Looking for composer for Animated Student Film (80s feel)

    Hey everyone! Me and my other 2 senior film thesis teammates are looking for a composer and sound designer for our animated film. Our film is set in the 80s and centers around a boy who enters a dance contest with the help of his best friend (think Flashdance, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Back...
  16. C

    Sound Designer Urgently Needed for Animated Short Film (paid)

    Hi, nice to meet you all :) My name is Vivian. I'm a 4th year animation student at Sheridan College (Toronto). I am in urgent need of a sound designer for my student film -- my original sound designer backed out due to his busy schedule. My film is 60 seconds long. It's a personal gift to my...
  17. E

    RGB & The Fire Stone

    Hi folks I made this animation clip a while ago using 3ds max2012. Hope you like it. I'd be glad to know your ideas and critiques about it.
  18. Marco Luca

    SOY FUEGO | Let The Fire Transform Your Senses

    Soledad falls into a big depression caused by the constant abuse she is victim of, in her daily routine. In there she finds a series of dreams in which she slowly transforms in to fire. She will try her best to escape from both dreams and reality, finding another state of mind. The film has a...
  19. Samantha Foster

    Composer Looking for Student Projects!

    I'm Sam Foster and I provide custom music for film, animation, & video games! I'd love to work on some more student films! I've worked on several student films, an indie feature, student animations, and lots of indie games. I compose in many styles. For more info, visit my site at...
  20. dkresge

    Composer needed for 2 minute animated short

    I'm about a month and a half away from completing my senior thesis and I need a composer to really make my film shine. It's a 2 minute CG short about a troll, a preteen girl, and her cell phone. I'm looking for something fun and upbeat. I can offer screen credit and some compensation (I am a...