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film score

  1. Jacob Jae Hyuk Jang

    Film composer from Berklee College of Music

    Hi everyone, If you are looking for a composer for your film/TV/video game, I am here to collaborate with your project. Please don't hesitate to send me an email if you have any question. jjang6@berklee.edu
  2. Tommy Graf

    Film Composer

    If you need a composer for you next project. I am here for YOU. I am a musician / film composer from Los Angeles, CA with over 12 years experience with writing, performing and recording original music. Currently I am diving into the composer "World". One of my most notable songs was in the...
  3. Jordan Winslow

    The Complete Guide to Free Commercially Usable Music & SFX That Don't Suck!

    So you’re a filmmaker entering post-production on your film, a game developer working on music and audio triggers or perhaps a YouTuber wanting to enhance your videos. You need SFX and a music soundtrack but you might not have the budget to hire a professional composer or audio engineer. The...
  4. Jordan Winslow

    How a Failed Education System and a False Diagnosis Created a Dreamer Who Won't Give up on Music!

    Click Here If You'd Like to Listen While You Read I WAS WHAT THEY CALLED A “TROUBLED” CHILD. I was the class clown. It seemed to the faculty at Lumpkin County Elementary that I could not focus on any work they gave me and it was suggested I may have something wrong with my brain. As time...
  5. Pettis&Pickup

    Media Composition Duo seeking films for original scores

    Pettis & Pickup are a new collaborative duo, based in the UK, with a goal to compose new, high quality audio for film, TV, games and media. Between two composition studios, we have a variety of top of the range gear to ensure that all aspects of your projects are of great quality and something...
  6. Ninichi

    Ninichi | Experienced Film Composer for Hire

    Hello everyone! I’m Ninichi & I'm a freelance music composer for indie films, animations, games and other media. I can compose in a very wide range of styles and am currently available for commissions! I’m told that I’m incredibly versatile, so do get in touch if you’d like to explore working...
  7. HEFletcher

    Another new composer looking for first film scoring project

    Hello, my name is Howard Fletcher. I have been privately tutored in music for 16 years and have been actively composing for the past 3-4 years. Recently I decided that I wanted to take my composing one step further and try to share my music with the world, so since a few weeks ago, I have been...
  8. nikolaantonucci

    Composer specializing in dark, creepy scores available for hire

    Hi guys! My name is Niko and I'm looking for a new interesting project to work on. I score anywhere from industrial techno to ambient piano pieces but I mostly specialize in dark, high intensity scores. I am willing to work for credits if no budget. You can check me out on...
  9. Roman Falkenstein

    Composer is looking for a positive movie

    Hi all, I am film composer from Latvia. I am positive person and I like comedies and all other types of a positive films. Here is my showreel: and my website: www.rfmusic.lv If you need music for your positive project - feel free to ask me. Let's be optimists :)
  10. Alfonso Barón

    Young filmmaker looking for classically trained composers

    Hi, I'm new to this site. I signed up as I am working on my final student films for university and I am sound recordist/ designer. I am currently working on a drama set in a barbershop where a mysterious bag is dropped off, bringing back dark memories of the barber's past. This film is very much...
  11. M

    free film score composing

    Hi, my name is Mahdi and i'm film score composer. i'm looking for directors to composing score for theme. here is some of my soundtracks in classic theme:
  12. Gillian Orwoll Composer

    Need a free score for your project?

    Hey there, I've been composing music for the past 10 years and have my Bachelor's in Music Business, with a concentration in Piano. I've written for computer games in the past, but am trying to break into the film scoring scene. I'd be willing to score the right project for free. I am also open...
  13. Ambrose Freeman-Toole

    Colorado Composer

    Hello all, I have not been on the site for a while. I am a Denver based film composer. I work on local and long distance film and theater productions. My portfolio consists of orchestral, atmospheric, and rock/hardcore music. I have also placed in multiple film scoring competitions. If you need...
  14. Samantha Foster

    Sam Foster Sound | Experienced Composer for Hire

    I am Sam Foster, a freelance indie composer for film, games, and media. I'm currently looking for new projects! I've worked on numerous indie short films, an indie feature film, a documentary, animated shorts, and lots of student projects! If interested in custom music, contact me via email or...
  15. Miguel Campos

    Film Composer looking for quality projects

    Hello there, my name is Miguel Campos and I produce my film scores in a beautiful place called Lisbon, in Portugal. I've been composing scores for film for a while and I usually refuse to do it for free, unless I stumble into something really good to work on. I am always open for working hard...
  16. C

    Need a composer ?

    Hello there, I was studying film scoring at UCLA extension, and just graduated. Before starting film scoring certificate, my major was classical piano performance. Thanks to this musical background, I have many advantages about piano pieces, especially semi-classical and orchestral works. Here...
  17. Norman Fairbanks


    Looking for something different? Producer and audio concept artist with very unique style who already worked with electronic pioneers of Kraftwerk and others - seeks film project for collaboration. Please visit the following link in order to listen to "Music For Films" - feat. 13 high quality...
  18. Ambrose Freeman-Toole

    Dramatic and Epic film scores

    Hello all, I just posted some new remixes of orchestral works. Feel free to contact me if I can be of service. http://ambroseftmusic.com/?page_id=10
  19. Zemola Films

    Composer needed for fantasy action/adventure films

    I'm a high school filmmaker, and thus I don't have a lot of money. Are there any composers out there looking for experience who are willing to work for free? I could potentially pay, but it wouldn't be very much and I don't want to insult anyone because of that. What I need is someone who can...
  20. Brent Magstadt

    Composer / Sound Designer available

    Hey everyone, thanks for being here, or... wherever it is you may be. ;-) My name is Brent Magstadt. I'm a composer working remotely from Hawaii, focusing mainly on Film/TV cues and publishing library placements, with a fair amount of success. I'm looking to step more into scoring direct to...