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  1. Scratches: A Micro Horror

    Scratches: A Micro Horror

  2. Potty Break (2019)

    Potty Break (2019)

  3. Before We Blew Our Brains Out (Short Film/Music Video)

    Before We Blew Our Brains Out (Short Film/Music Video)

  4. Jack & Jill

    Jack & Jill

  5. M

    free film score composing

    Hi, my name is Mahdi and i'm film score composer. i'm looking for directors to composing score for theme. here is some of my soundtracks in classic theme:

    Good Afternoon Fellow Filmmakers

    Good afternoon, my name is NOLTAC and I am an indepedent composer and studio musician from Washington DC. I have studied music composition at Nyack College and graduated with a MUS BA in Comp. from the school. I have created music since 15 and would really like to dive in getting my music into...
  7. Tobias On The Hill

    Seeking Student Filmmakers

    Seeking Student Filmmakers In Los Angeles interested in gaining experience, IMDb credit, and exposure/collaboration with celebrity guests. *Interested in 4 Filmmakers who are looking for experience/exposure in: Camera, Lighting, Sound, and Directing to rotate duties over the course of 3 total...
  8. Raven Dock


    Hi, everyone! I'm going to ask a very silly question, but it's been bothering me and making me slightly paranoid. I'm currently in the process of casting a short film I have written, my very first short film. I have a very small budget and I am not paying the actors. The casting call poster...
  9. Jarod With

    Freelance Film/Photo/Editing/Acting/Etc. Work

    ✦ Filmmaker, Artist, Photographer, Dude ✦ Hello! My name is Jarod With. I’m an 18 year old American artist, designer and filmmaker. I am open for freelance work of various varieties! I have been drawing, writing, and making films and videos since I was nine years old and am now attending...
  10. genshi

    ATTENTION: Student Directors and Composers

    Just a bit of helpful, friendly advice... and maybe a slight rant. ;) Too many times I've seen a Student Director come to this forum, post that they are looking for a Composer for their "drama" film (or what have you) with no other details, and then never return, even though they have received...
  11. v.vaiva

    Importance of personal qualities at work

    Hello guys, please if you have spare moments - complete this survey. it is very important for the research I'm currently working on. Thank you in advance :) https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/WKJSWYP
  12. M

    Hey Everyone!

    Hey everyone, just a quick intro, my name is Matthew and im currently studying my final year of A-levels and have applied to many university film courses. I have made some very small coursework projects such as trailers and a short film for college, however i am currently in the pre-prod stages...
  13. genshi

    The Director's Chair with Robert Rodriguez

    Didn't know if this was posted already (I tried to search and came up with nothing) or if anyone else has heard about this, but I thought it would be a neat resource for us aspiring filmmakers... Robert Rodriguez, as some of you may know, has his own TV network now called El Rey; it just popped...
  14. Gregory Hines

    Writer. Director. Producer.

    Hey, I'm living in SoCal and currently in production of a sci-fi post apocalyptic short film. I am starting film school at the end of November (2014) and look forward to meeting and collaborating with many people from all walks of life. I will be filming my first feature next year and really...

    SURPRISE SURPRISE Film Challenge

    Hello! With film appreciation and progression in mind, we are just looking to spread the word on a new experiment in film that we’ve just initiated, SURPRISE SURPRISE Film Challenge, Creation, & Curation. The aim of the game is simple: your film must be exactly the time length given and it...
  16. Film Strategy

    A Director Prepares... the ultimate 15 point checklist for directors

    A Director Prepares... the ultimate 15 point checklist for directors shooting shorts, features, documentaries, music videos, live events, commercials, etc... ---------------------------- for more visit www.filmstrategy.com and "like" www.facebook.com/filmstrategy
  17. Asker


    Hello everyone. My name is Asker. I'm a filmmaker from Denmark, hoping to become a professional director/screenwriter. Obviously, like most others, with the dream of making it into theaters one day. I've been editing stuff since I was about 13. It wasn't until last year, when I was directing a...
  18. M

    Hi I'm from Paris

    Hi everyone, I'm a french assist director (director soon), screenwriter, editor and assist producer. I want to work everywhere in usa. I've not studied filmmaking but I know to work. I want to know again and again on the news projects, maybe you're. If you can help, please let me know...
  19. Z

    Indie project looking for Production, Post-Production, CGI & Animation Crew

    ZOMBIE QUEEN FROM OUTER SPACE A 20 minute rock movie musical for exhibit online Shot almost entirely on a green screen stage Seeking talented people Deferred pay for most positions If interested, read more on the "Crew" link at: www.zombiequeenproductions.com Contact...
  20. T

    Crew wanted in the Corona area.

    The Core Power Drink is allowing us to make a viral video using a girls 10u softball team called "The Core". Your video will be featured on all their media sites. There is no pay, just credit.However you would have complete control over the project. Including script, editing, and final cut...