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Favorite Director

Who is your favorite director ???...I'll post the most famous one's(doesn't neccesarilly mean they'

  • George Lucas

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  • Orson Welles

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  • Frank Capra

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  • Stanley Kubrick

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i really liked Naqoyqatsi it was what inspired me to make Still Making Waves which is a film about the after math of Katrina and the side effects and trauma on the people of Louisiana and Mississippi


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Martin Scorsese. TAXI DRIVER was the first film to connect with me on a bunch of different levels. I saw it and thought "Im not the only one in world". I went on a quest to see everything he did after that.


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Akira Kurosawa would have to be my favorite director, so many of his movies I love, I cant say this about any other director.
Ran would have to be my choice as my favorite film by him, it has amazing battle scenes and is all around epic right from the cinematography to the costuming.


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His movies unfold with such confidence that we delight in trusting the teller — even when he betrays that trust by killing off the heroine in the first hour.

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